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5/27/05 | 12:02 pm | Solution: Anteater Head

Not as many players today, I suspect everyone’s going out of town or gearing up for a fun weekend. Like me (hopefully!) I had to shut off the game early today to go somewhere, but anyhow, here are some of the comments:

Jeremy R:

Wow…that’s the fastest I’ve ever found one. I guess you were feeling sorry for everyone after posting my difficult clue yesterday. First time I’ve actually gotten to look while a clue is still active in quite a while, glad I found it soon.

Yeah, I guess I did make it a little easier on purpose. I don’t know why I always feel guilty about having a clue turn out hard, since most of the time it is beyond my control. But I do! Seriously, I don’t intend to waste your time… hehe. There is no way to control it, but I try to at least alternate: if the previous clue was easy, I’d try to make the next one harder and vicey versey.

Katie N

It took me about 5 minutes. There were only a few places along the border between the Dakotas that had decent satellite maps, so I checked those spots and found it.

Jon G:

I looked around South Dakota-North Dakota border for an area with high resolution and after looking at a few of these areas I spotted it.

Steve M:

The clue took meet straight to the border of South and North Dakota after that I did a little bit of color matching , it took me about 10min . Everyone have a lovely Extended weekend .

Yep I sort of intended that there would be only a few places to look and that people would use colormatch. I made sure to check that there wouldn’t be that many in the area.

Jarret R:

Took about 5 minutes. . . just cruised the North/South Dakota border looking for the right color scheme. . . unfortunately, I started at the western border and made my way east.

Phil M:

I’ve got to admit, this one was tough. Even though the clue was simple, finding the solution took a lot of panning. I think my biggest mistake was starting my search on the west ends of SD and ND. In all it took me about 20 mins.

LOL, I had a feeling that if you came from the west it would take longer. Ok, well I’ve got to run, see you all Wednesday at 9!

Solution to “Anteater Head”

5/27/05 | 9:00 am | Anteater Head

click to search using Google MapsDo you all have your gas grills fired up and ready to go for a BBQ this weekend? I do, or rather I should be getting it ready. I just hope anteater isn’t on the menu… er, bad segue. This clue was found by yours truly, a funny looking anteater head. I found it while looking at a clue submitted by someone. I almost called it Alf, but then I realized that probably no one remembers Alf…

This is visible way far out, at 9/15 maybe? I struggled and struggled to come up with a clue here that wouldn’t give it away too easily and wouldn’t be too hard. I’ve come to the conclusion that, like Paris Hilton keeping her clothes on, it’s just impossible. So I’m going to be unoriginal and say:


Boooring. Well, it may take you a little time at least. And, because I want you all to go into your Memorial weekend on a nice note, I will drop more clues if people have major problems, though I’m not expecting any. Ok, happy anteater scavengeroogling! P.S. Remember we are skipping our clue on Monday so I will see you all Wednesday!

Clue Name : “Anteater Head”
Submitted by: Scavengeroogle Admin
Status : Solved (12)
Duration: Fri 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Mike M, Chris R, Katie N, Max D, Jon G, Phil M, Jeremy R, Jarret R, Mark L, Jason C, Steve M, Jared R

Word Clues : “SD ND”
Magnification Needed: 9/15

SOLUTION TO “Anteater Head”

5/25/05 | 1:58 pm | Solution: Hershey Kiss

This was a slippery, elusive little kiss that many people had trouble with. I had a feeling it would be tough though. Jeremy R’s original word clues did not provide the pun (”Simple, Ought” = “Simplot”) and only mentioned the potato king:

“Chocolate kiss for the potato king”. Or something like that. This little lake sits on the massive lawn of J.R. Simplot, the man who sells McDonald’s most of their fries. Even the Boise locals won’t know the lake (or pond I guess), although the potato king clue might tip them a little.

I had thought it would be too difficult without additional information, and even with the added pun it might be difficult. Nevertheless, Oregonians seemed to benefit slightly from knowing about that company. Justin said:

Being from Oregon, I got the clue right away. It refers to J.R. Simplot, who founded a company that makes potatoes. It took under five minutes, it just happened to be in the first place I found in Boise.

Steve M. also notes:

Started at 9:13 Ended at 9:15 i fell right on top of it . i think being that i live in oregon i knew about the idaho potatoe thing thats why i got it so fast .But maybe it had more to do with luck lol . have a good day

Wait, but how does living in Oregon clue you into knowing about potatoes in Idaho… is it just by proximity? Interestingly, two of our most popular locations for clues have been Texas and Idaho… I think the east coasters are starting to feel left out so I will try and find some more clues not on the west coast soon.

Chris R writes:

This one was a bit difficult. “Simplot” led me south of Boise to the Sports Complex. Still a good clue.

When I did a refind, searching on Google first, I went east of Boise actually to Pocatello, Idaho (where they have some sort of track and field event). Going directly to Simplot Industries physical address puts you due south of the clue. But that wasn’t enough info for most people. It was tough to give clues without actually saying “look for Simplot”.

Jim M said:

Stuck in Coeur d’Alene for the longest time, until the Boise clue, then stumbled onto Simplot.

That’s interesting because I think someone else submitted a clue that had to do with Coeur d’Alene (was it you, Jim?) AND with potatoes as well.

Peter R picked up his first solution.

Took me about 20 minutes. Figured out Idaho right from the start, but got lost when I googled “Plain Idaho” (thinking simple=plain) but then I stumbled across the simplot, searched around Declo (his hometown).

I looked at the clue picture again, thought that it looked like a pretty big house so I just searched around Boise for a bit.

My First ONE!!!!!!!

I don’t blame you all for not getting the bad, bad pun; I had to make it up quickly so it wasn’t really that strong. Robert M wrote:

Got a real late start, so I got all the clues beforehand. Took me about 20 minutes.

Still don’t get the “Simple” part though.

And Ted S said:

Ohhhhhh…i get it now. Simple, Ought = Simplot. I was having a lot of trouble with that one. I found the lake first and then I was like, “Now what the hell does that clue mean?” I switched between satellite and map and they were out of sync (at least on my computer) but once i found the road it made sense. Tough clue, I like it.

Also interestingly, the clue is located right on a “googlemap seam” that is not stitched together exactly. (Probably could also be a reason the satellite and street maps are out of sync) That actually threw me a bit, because I was seeing double of certain things. These seam discontinuities crop up pretty often, and people have even sent them in as clues (roads to nowhere, etc.)

So, I will see you Friday at the usual time. Remember Monday we are off so we’ll probably return on the Wednesday after that…

Solution to “Hershey Kiss”

5/25/05 | 9:00 am | Hershey Kiss

click to search using Google MapsWhat’s up. And all that good morning business. I would like you to check out this tiny Hershey’s Kiss that Jeremy R sent in. When I was a kid I would often accidentally eat some of the metal foil wrapped around those Hershey’s Kisses in my haste to cram 3 or 4 in my mouth. If you have metal fillings, this can provide a distinctly unpleasant feeling in your teeth. Ugh!

Anyhow, the connection seems to be back at my house so I can most likely update as we go. The Hershey Kiss is visible from 12/15 out, though 13/15 is a better bet for most. Funny how the shoreline around this little pond is greyish so it could almost be the silver wrapper on the kiss.

I’ve once again mangled Jeremy’s word clues. I added to his clue, because I thought it might be not enough information on its own. With trepidation, here you go:

Word Clues: “Simple, Ought to lead you to the potato king”

Man, I am extremely nervous about this clue. It’s hard to see from the outside in, if you know what I mean. I am just not sure if this is enough information. Add to that the fact that the clue is fairly small and… we will see I guess. Expect a region drop early and probably more cluedrops to come.

So what do all have planned for Memorial Day? I’m probably going to skip the daily clue on Monday, since many will be out, but hopefully when we get back I can start figuring out this larger Scavengeroogle Hunt we’ve been brainstorming about…

[Edit: 10:11 PDT - This one is proving to be a bit tough so I’ll drop the region clue early: Idaho]

[Edit: 12:15 PDT - A hint: It’s not near Declo. ]

[Edit: 12:28 PDT - Another: It IS near Boise. ]

Clue Name : “Hershey Kiss”
Submitted by: Jeremy R
Status : Solved (10)
Duration: Wed 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Steve M, Justin, Mike M, Chris R, Tina, Peter R, Golux13, Ted S, Jim M, Robert M

Word Clues : “Simple, Ought to lead you to the potato king”
Magnification Needed: 12/15

SOLUTION TO “Hershey Kiss”

5/23/05 | 1:15 pm | Solution: Two Much Fun

Yep, that’s two National Parks in a row. Maybe a third on Wednesday? Well, maybe not. In any case, most people didn’t have too many problems with this one. Average time was around 10 minutes. Mike Z’s original clues were going to have something like: “Basalt and Danish Hall”. His explanation:

Basalt is a kind of rock. A danish is a kind of roll. With that you have “Rock and Roll Hall” which is a reference to the Rock and Roll hall of fame in Cleveland. The location of the clue is actually between Cleveland and Akron. This one contains a couple potential red herrings as there are a few towns and other geographical places that are named Basalt or Danish.

Coming up with “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” from the word clues wasn’t hard, but finding the II from just that would have probably proved very difficult because there is a lot of space between Cleveland and Akron. So I decided to focus on the park instead.

I think I am in the minority of never having been to Ohio. Well, I haven’t really been east of Kansas really, unless you count Boston and New York for a week each. Brian G:

Quick one today! Only a couple minutes. Familiar with the Cleveland area, so I knew to go there right away. I’m interested to hear the original clues!

And Ken S:

I found it quickly. I’ve been to Cleveland many times. 6 minutes

Jim M decided to make the game more interesting and find his own numbers:

Didn’t start until after the clue drop - so it made much easier for me - about ten minutes to find it.

However, before finding the “two” I also found, in the same general area, a roman numeral three.

Not as clean as the two, but it caught my eye.

That was pretty cool. A lot of people note that they “find” new potential clues while playing the game, which is something that I’m thankful for as it keeps fresh clue submissions coming in.

I had included the road in the clue shot so I figured people would pick that out once they had the general location, and Jarret R did just that:

Took about 10 minutes of roaming around the park looking for horizontal roads.

Some other comments. Katie N wrote:

I guessed that it was in the National Park because of all the trees, and not somewhere else in the county. I searched around for a while, and was about to wait for a clue drop when I saw it.

Daniel M:

That was way too easy. It literally took me about 3 minutes. Just typed “Cuyahoga” in Google and got a bunch of listings for Ohio. Turns out there’s a Cuyahoga National Park that shows up at 6/15 visibility on the map image. Too easy.

Tim R:

Simple google search led me to the cuyahoga county Ohio. From there I figured it
was probably in Cuyahoga National Park. Took me about 10 mins. Now, time for class.


I googled “Cuyahoga” and got found out it is a county in Ohio. Then while I was searching in that area I saw Cuyahoga Valley National Park and I found it in there. It took about 10-15 minutes.

I did search on Google, but I figured there would be enough ambiguity that not everyone would go to the park right away.

Mark G got the solution and also sent in the following note:

I like nachos.

I certainly do too! But the cheese makes me poopoo funny sometimes…

Steve M sent a weather report from Oregon with his solution. Yeah, it has been blastingly hot here, though that’s normal since I basically live in a desert that is only green because we steal all the water from Northern Cal and the Colorado River. Although we HAVE had a crapload of rain this year, more than Seattle up till now.

I found it pretty quick in about 10 min but i also had both clues . I came in a little late on this one. P.S today is one of our first sunny and hot days here in Eugene Oregon this year.

Man, I would like to move to Oregon. Or Washington. Or Idaho. Anyhow… Ok, see you all Wednesday at 9

Solution to “Two Much Fun”

5/23/05 | 9:00 am | Two Much Fun

click to search using Google MapsMan, I do need this coffee. So is it summer session now for you semester college people? It certainly feels like summer here. It was 98 F on Saturday where I live…

By the way, I have been having huge problems with my connection this past week. Cable people are coming out to “fix” some things, whatever that means. Plus, I need to help the parents with some furniture moving at their house. So, I might not get to post clue drops, but I’ve set an “auto-drop” clue for 11:30 today. It’ll show up as an actual post, and I’ll just delete it later. Also, I may not get to update “Pending Solutions” in real time. In any case:

Two, too, to, 2, and finally II. This is what you’re looking for today. Mike Z. sent in this excellent roman numeral find. I can definitely see it as far out as 13/15, maybe 12/15 if you really know what you’re looking for. Mike was going to give you some pretty tough clues, as least I thought they were tough. I’ll mention them in the solution, but for now, I’ve made the clues extremely minimal. I think I’ll just stick with this and add hints as we go, though this is probably enough for a few people:

Word Clues: “Cuyahoga”

Yep, that’s it! Oh, and please don’t go searching in Athens, GA if you are an R.E.M fan…

I’m still mulling over the free-for-all scavengeroogle hunt. The “point system” may prove to be difficult. I guess we could just have arbitrary points, or no points at all, but then what’d be the point? Haha. Give me a little more time to think about it.

So I didn’t see Star Wars this weekend, amazingly… is there anyone else who didn’t see it? I have transformed from a lame geek to a lame geek who doesn’t get out of the house enough. I have to laugh like hell.

Thanks for playing, friends. Twodle-oo…

[Edit: 11:30 PDT - I hope this thing posts at the correct time, it should be around 11:30 PDT now. Hmm… judging from early response I actually doubt you will need a drop for this one. But anyway, in case you are looking in the wrong place here you go: “Nat Park”]

Clue Name : “Two Much Fun”
Submitted by: Mike Z.
Status : Solved (16)
Duration: Monday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Phil M, Brian G, Daniel M, Katie N, Tim R, Max D, Jared R, Mike M, Justin, Ken S, Steve M, Jim M, Shawn D, Mark G, Jarret R, Chris R

Word Clues : “Cuyahoga”
Magnification Needed: 13/15

SOLUTION TO “Two Much Fun”

5/20/05 | 1:30 pm | Solution: The Seahorse

I am having some problems with my web connection today, so I’m putting up this solution while I still can. But regardless, this seemed to be a fairly good clue. I’ve never been to Craters of the Moon Nat Park, but it’s on my list of parks to visit. About 6 years back, I actually went and purchased a National Parks Pass for like $50 and then proceeded to visit about 12 of them on a trip from California to Colorado, including Mesa Verde, Bryce, Arches, etc. It actually saved quite a bit, because I think the entry fee prices have skyrocketed, I think Bryce was like $15 or something. Anyhow, some of you have been to Craters of the Moon. Angie S says:

I had a lucky advantage with this one. My husband and I accidently came upon Craters of the Moon on a car trip a few months back. So I immediately started there. With a little wondering around I found it. I’d say it took 15 minutes. PS - Craters is really weird and cool. Worth checking out

I actually have been to both Crater Lake in Oregon and Meteor Crater in Arizona, which is where quite a people went to first as I suspected they might. There were other craters that people visited also. Katie N. wrote:

This took me about 30 minutes. I first checked Crater Lake National Park and then the Lunar Crater in Nevada before I discovered the Craters of the Moon National Park.

Shawn D. said:

Took about 20 minutes after trying to color match areas around Crater Lake, the Barringer Crater, and all of the craters around Winslow, AZ.

Many people found it only after a short search, I guess this one was not as tough. Tina wrote:

That was fun. Took me a few minutes to figure out the park. Took longer to actually find the seahorse.

Josh C notes:

This was a fun one, took about 5-7 min. My own private Idaho, google Idaho craters, follow 93/26 southwest from Arco, wander around the dirt for a few minutes.

Brian G:

The Craters of the Moon place looks pretty cool. Nice and easy clue today, after not much time to spend on the ones earlier this week. About 5 minutes.

And a few took a couple minutes longer. Mike M writes:

Got a late start, but still only took 10 minutes. Looked in Crater Lake, OR before finding the Craters of the Moon Nat’l Monument.

Jason C:

Took about 2 mins…after the region clue drop. Didn’t consider the whole clue at first, went looking around Meteor Crater here in AZ, that also fit in with the surrounding topography of the pic. Total search time: 1 hr and 2 mins

And Michael J:

Took longer than it should have. Tried all sorts of plays on the words, such as combined sounds, words like luna, lunar, desert, hidden. Can’t believe it took me over 30 minutes to think of Craters of the Moon Nat. Momument.

Well, I’m still thinking about doing a multi-clue extravaganza. I think if we do one it could be maybe sometime after Memorial Day. I was thinking people would go out of town during the holiday so they wouldn’t get to play… so anyway, yeah if you haven’t seen it yet please leave comments about having a “Real” Scavengeroogle Hunt See you all Monday at 9!

Solution to “The Seahorse”

5/20/05 | 10:00 am | The Seahorse

click to search using Google MapsHappy Friday to you all. Hope you had a good week and are about to have a better weekend! This clue comes to us courtesy of Golux13 who submitted it about 2 weeks ago. Yes, I am way behind on clues so if you’ve submitted something sorry but I may be just getting to it now.

Interestingly, I’m starting to get some clue duplication, it was just a matter of time of course… in particular, I’ve got this Native American symbol near Phoenix submitted as a clue 3 times. I think it’s pretty cool, which is why I’m linking to it even though I’m not going to use it.

So, this particular clue looks just like a seahorse… maybe a dried seahorse considering that it’s turned all brown. Or a seahorse fossil? You choose. Whatever it is, I’m hoping that you’ll find it. Golux has mentioned that it is visible at 11/15 and that it maxes out around 14/15 so it’s a fairly large feature. This shot of Mr. Seahorse is at 12/15. I also decided to use the word clues given verbatim and see how we go. Here they are:

“Your own private moon crater”

I didn’t really do much checking on this one, so I guess we will see how tough it is. Herring levels in the atmosphere don’t seem to be too dangerous. But as always, I am often proven wrong! Region drop in a bit… P.S. If you didn’t get to read the post regarding a Real Scavengeroogle Hunt please check it out and comment if it’s something you’d be interested in.

[Edit: 11:45 PDT - I don’t believe most of you would need it, but here is the region clue: Idaho. I think that was probably apparent from the word clue … ]

[Edit: 12:15 PDT - Houston we have a problem … my internet connection has been going up and down (must be the heat wave over here) so I might not be able to update stuff for awhile, including the solution. In any case, have a nice weekend! ]

Clue Name : “The Seahorse”
Submitted by: Golux13
Status : Solved (16)
Duration: 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Jim M, Tina, Katie N, Josh C, Brian G, Mike M, Michael J, Jarret R, Angie S, Shawn D, Jason C, Jonathan S, Tim R, Mark L, Daniel M, Justin

Word Clues : “Your own private moon crater”
Magnification Needed: 11/15

SOLUTION TO “The Seahorse”

5/18/05 | 3:44 pm | A Real Scavenger Hunt?

Hey, so I was just thinking about a suggestion that Mike Z had made in the comments, and I started to get excited about it. He suggests that we try a “real” Scavenger Hunt where the clues you are given are just things to find somehow through google maps. I had thought about something similar in the past, but not about a list of multiple things.

For instance:

Lake shaped like a fish
Plane with 2 Shadows
A Red Letter “G”

I dunno, it would probably take a lot of time for me to collate everyone’s answers at the end, but I bet it might be pretty fun. Plus, you could play all day long (or at least any time of the day) because we could just release a list of clues at the beginning of the week and have it go for at least a few days. Maybe we could do one every month or so… I’d call it “Scavengeroogle Hunt No. 1″ or something. I could try turn off comment moderation temporarily (it’s only on to prevent accidental posting of solutions before the bell) so everyone could talk about it as it’s going on. I suspect I wouldn’t need to do many “sanity” checks… people would probably get creative on what to submit and that’d be fun.

So before I get excited, is this something that anyone would want to play? I’d still do the old method of posting clues as well. But I am willing to try this at least once, no matter how crazy it might be on my end. =)

Please leave a comment if you might be interested or if you have any other ideas regarding this…

5/18/05 | 2:01 pm | Solution: His And Hers Pants

Those that joined in after 9:45 PDT missed out a big goof by me. My apologies for the screwup with the pants picture that didn’t load. Or maybe I should have just said I was testing to see if everyone was awake, hehe.

Regardless, of that TWO people actually solved the clue without even using the picture! I had to laugh like hell. Chris R, who is often first or near first in solutions every time, said:

The pictures not loading…. but didn’t need it.

Man, that is one scavengeroogler. And Mike M, who is similarly fast in solutions said:

the map wouldnt load, but I knew where to look and was able to get it.

This is amazing that the main focus of the game, which is having a graphical clue to know what to look for, isn’t actually necessary all the time! This sort of tells me that the word clues are as important as I thought, even more important than the actual picture at times! I mean, theoretically I could just say “I’m looking for a picture of a Bowl Of Soup somewhere in Kansas” and someone could probably find it! Interesting. I’m not going to do that, but still very interesting.

This was extremely difficult to find a word clue. I knew that anything mentioning “Cherokee Expressway” would be too easy, because the expressway isn’t that long and the clue is so large. But when I was researching “The Trail of Tears”, it wasn’t immediately apparent that the end of the trail (in Tahlequah, by the way) would be enough information, and that even to say the clue was northwest of it would leave a huge area to search. I thought saying “Tulsa” would also be too easy because you can nearly see the clue just from looking at a satellite of Tulsa. This was tough.

I’d also like to mention that I don’t know nearly enough about the tribulations that Native Americans have gone through (except that it was truly horrible), but that I’ve always wanted to read more about it someday. Mark G writes:

When I was a teenager I learned that I was part Cherokee. So I know the story of the “Trail of Tears” fairly well. I searched for a map of the trail and it ended just SE of Tulsa, OK. That’s where I started my scrolling binge around Tulsa and found it about 10 minutes later. I’ve never been so happy to see some other dude’s pants in my life.

Phil M used a method that I find helpful sometimes, which is the side to side sweep, especially if there is something in the clue such as a road that is at a particular angle:

This has to be one of the tougher ones that I had seen. I have been trying to figure out this since early in the day. I had the right area (Tulsa) butI just couldnt seem to find the “Pants”. I used a side to side search to find this one. I like these tough ones.

I do like the tough ones as well, but to avoid my the “my ass being kicked” scenario I try to make them at least somewhat doable.

Jason C did the right thing and actually looked for freeways. I thought more ppl might try this way, but I believe that I didn’t include enough of the double lane freeway in the graphical clue. Dang.

Took about 45 mins. Checked along all the freeways in Tulsa and somehow missed it and found it while doing a more thorough search.

Mike Z got it just before the bell:

Found it just in time. I figured out Tahlequah, OK at the very beginning, but just knowing that it was somewhere NW of Tahlequah had me searching lots of areas. Actually, I can’t figure out why I didn’t come across this sooner considering it’s right in Tulsa. I thought I searched that first. Oh, well.

Truthfully, I’m not going to disallow your solution if it’s a couple minutes after the deadline. In this case, where it was my fault the picture wasn’t posted, I’d take the solution an hour after.

Well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me. Hopefully, Friday’s clue at 10 PDT will be not as bad! Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I gotta launch that one an hour later cause I got some stuff to do in the morning… see ya then!

Solution to “His And Hers Pants”

5/18/05 | 9:00 am | His And Hers Pants


[Edit: (01/15/07) I’ve recently noticed a ton of people coming to this page via search due to news stories and whatnot. This was the original Scavengeroogle site which was the first and most popular scavenger hunt game using google maps when they were first launched. It became quite famous (profiled on Wired and G4), but I stopped updating about a year ago because I simply had no time to keep writing up and moderating clues … I don’t upkeep this site anymore, but can see all of the incoming traffic in my stats.

In any case, I believe if you came here from Google Search, you are probably looking for another blog or site that has been on the news. I have noticed in this particular post that someone with the same name as the person(s) that you are most likely looking for had posted comments (I’m not writing down their names here again because I’d like google to stop sending so much unrelated traffic). I believe this is just a massive coincidence, since a reverse IP lookup on the commenter’s location shows it coming from DALLAS. Yes, Dallas and not Missouri.

So, thank you for stopping by: but I don’t believe this site is the one you are looking for. I have actually disabled all the comments on this page, because there is just too much incoming traffic - hopefully, that will propagate through google search in the next couple days. Best Regards, Bryan (Scavengeroogle Admin).]


click to search using Google MapsAloha. I have been wanting to run this clue for some time now, because I came up with what I thought was a clever title for it. This clue was submitted by Michael J. and i’ve called it “His and Hers Pants”. Cool, huh? I also called it that because I really like this lo-fi indiepop band called Pants Yell! (exclamation point is part of the name) so the word pants was on my mind.

This clue is actually extremely visible at 11/15, so I’m assuming this will be cake for a lot of people. And the “re-find” I attempted was really fast. I just really liked the way this clue looks, so if it’s easy then it’s easy. What can ya do?

By the way, I’m getting a lot of clue submission for Planes and Plane Shadows. In general, I try to stay away from anything to do with planes because although they look really cool, nearly all of them have already been spotted on the various google map sightseeing places. So, unless you can prove to me without a doubt that the plane you found has not been recorded on the various sites already, I probably won’t use it. Not that I don’t applaud your effort in finding it!

Hmm.. word clues for this one. I had a really tough time with this. The line between easy and hard was never so blurred.

“Trail where they cried ended SE of here”

I ended up changing the ones that Michael sent in… not sure if this will make them a little more difficult or a little harder. So wait for the region clue if you’re choking on herring. OK see you in a bit; I need to get back to waiting in line for Star Wars…

[Edit: 9:43 PDT - Agh. Sorry, there was no image! My auto-publish thingy screwed up and I didn’t get to check until just now. Anyhow, the correct pic should be there…]

[Edit: 10:42 PDT - Not sure how much this helps, but the region clue = Oklahoma]

[Edit: 12:00 PDT - I’m not sure but this seems to be tough… I gotta go out for awhile so I’ll leave a clue for the meantime: Cherokee]

[Edit: 1:09 PDT - Arghhh… all right last hint: Cherokee is NOT a city. Well, it is but going in that direction will herringise you…]

Clue Name : “His And Her Pants”
Submitted by: Michael J.
Status : Solved (6)
Duration: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Chris R, Mike M, Jason C, Mark G, Phil M, Mike Z

Word Clues : “Trail where they cried ended SE of here”
Magnification Needed: 11/15

SOLUTION TO “His And Hers Pants”

5/16/05 | 2:07 pm | Solution: Moon Is A Sickle Cell

A nice number of solutions for this one, and not many red herrings. One thing I predicted for this clue was that the “Mr. Packer” part of the clue was definitely not enough for most people to solve it and thus I added “see you” as the kicker at the end. What I wasn’t prepared for was how many actually got it just from the “see you” part of the clue and didn’t even use Packer! Josh C was the only person to figure out that part of the reference, since he had been there:

As soon as I saw “See You” I knew it, CU Boulder. Ate at the Alferd Packer Memorial Grill when my wife went to check out their grad school.Oh and the Sickle Cell is so named because it looks like a Sickle, or a Crescent Moon.

So yeah, according to JCP, CU is probably the only college to have a eating place named after a cannibal… I believe I should have changed it to “A. Packer” instead of “Mr. Packer”. Here are various people who didn’t need that part of the clue:


5 minutes. I got the “see you”-CU reference immediately, and confirmed it with the clue drop. The rest of the clue didn’t help me at all — I still don’t get it — so I just scanned around Boulder until I found it.


Easiest one ever, I think I got lucky. I just put “cu packer” in google and got a link to University of Colorado-Boulder. I put it in the map and there it was. Max time- 5 minutes.

Brian G:

Not sure about the Mr. Packer line, but “see you” meant Boulder to me (as a former Big 12 guy). About 5 minutes today, which is good for work productivity. Pretty small building, I think I just got lucky finding it this quick.

Mike Z:

I got started really late on this one and I have no clue what the main part of the clue means. When I saw the “see you” on the end, I immediately thought of CU and after a short scan of Boulder near CU, there it was.

Shawn D:

Took about 15 minutes. Still don'’t get the Mr. Packer part of the clue. Reference to Billy Packer? Thanks for all your hard work.

Brian M:

I dont get the Mr. Packer part of the clue, the part that helped me was “SEE YOU”. Took about 5 min.


7 minutes. Figured that see you should be CU and then just looked around there.


The CU led me to Boulder Colorado and I really just stumbled upon when looking around. I still don’t understand the rest of the clue. 20 mins.

Also, I KNEW that people would think Green Bay but I left that in. Chris R:

Went to Green Bay first….. then figured it out.

Michael J:

Packer confused me… thought Green Bay but the sat images were not high res. On a whim tried Boulder because of CU. Turned out to be too easy, but I think it was luck. About 5 minutes.

Jason C:

Took about 2 mins, the “see you” made me go directly to Boulder for “CU-Boulder”. If not for that I probably would have started in Green-Bay Wisc, give the Packer clue.

Lastly, I was a bit disappointed that only one person got super magic bonus points, and he had to use google to do it (though Mike Z and Josh C DID come up with the correct literal meaning of the clue, that a person who has sickle cell anemia has cells shaped like a crescent) . But I was looking for what Jim M said:

Elliot Smith lyric - didn’t know it, though, had to google it. So I don’t think I deserve the bonus points.

All right, we are shaping up to have Mon - Wed - Fri clue releases from now on. I think that’s a good enough schedule, often enough that y’all come back but not so frequent that it makes me cragee. Yes, cragee as a fox. See you Wed at 9

Solution to “Moon Is A Sickle Cell”