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5/4/05 | 9:00 am | You Sank My Battleships!

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Ahoy. I don’t think these are battleships or even military ships. Nor are they sunken. But they do look unused at the moment. Full disclaimer: I am not 100% sure if this clue has already been “found” elsewhere in the google maposphere. So if it has been documented, you guys/gals are going to have an easy day today!

This clue comes from Hunter A. who submitted it along with the title “Ghost Ships”. I have a feeling that even if this clue hasn’t been documented in the usual “google sightseeing” places it is still going to be easier because it is visible at an amazing 9/15, and maybe even farther out at 8/15.

Your clue:

“James R. the Tormentor”

What?? Yeah. Oh, by the way. I think people’s first instinct when getting a clue is to either type the entire word clue into google maps or into google itself. This is fine, but I would suggest against it because I usually try as hard as I can to make sure that will not bring up the correct result. Occasionally it happens, but I try checking usually.

It IS often profitable, however, to take apart the word clue into pieces and google them. Or transmute them into homonyms, synonyms, onomatopoeia and then google them. This can also lead to numerous bloody herrings, though so be careful. =)

I think I may end it a little earlier at 1:00 p.m. PDT today, but I’m not sure yet. I definitely will if too many people get the solution too fast. OK, all hands on deck. Avast! And all that other sea captainy nonsense…

P.S. You might note that now near the top of the page there should be a note telling you when the next clue is probably going to launch. This can be helpful for those trying to plan their day around Scavengeroogle sessions!

[Edit: I’m actually going to stop this clue search early. Will explain in solution…]

Clue Name : “You Sank My Battleships!”
Submitted by: Hunter A.
Status : Solved (16)
Duration: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. PDT

Solved By: Mike M, Chris R, Michael W, Robert M, Jason C, Ken S, Andy K, Shawn D, Eric W, James C, Greg J, Ian T, Bill P, Andrew M, Matt O, Dan

Word Clues : “James R. the Tormentor”
Magnification Needed: 8/15

SOLUTION TO “You Sank My Battleships!”

One Response to “You Sank My Battleships!”

  1. Jay M. Says:

    This is a hard clue. I’m not even on the right track. After 45 minutes, I’m searching James Bond actors’ hometowns to see if I can find anything.