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5/11/05 | 9:00 am | Angry Clown!

click to search using Google MapsGrr… this clown is very angry. Hehe. Er, I don’t know what else to write about this. Clowns actually scare me, ever since I was a kid. Coulrophobia = Fear of clowns. I kid you not. I googled it.

Anyhow, this clue comes to you from Johnny K. who wrote “…looks like a clown…an ANGRY clown. He’s got a frown. The building in the middle sorta looks like a big nose, and the stuff on the left and right looks like crazy clown hair. The lake looks like it could be some more hair, Krusty the Clown style.”

I like using these types of clues because there is little chance of them appearing on other people’s googlemap sites. Unless they happen to have a category for “Buildings that look like clowns”. Like I said, I really could care less about famous landmarks and locations…

The delicious word clues I shall provide you with are:

“Busted Aero Highway”

Tasty. And yet… Johnny’s original word clue was going to be something absolutely crazy like “Do you want to buy clown insurance?” Life insurance, I suppose, for when the clown tries to come and getcha in the middle of the night.

Mr. Clown is visible at 11/15. Usual time trial until 2:00 p.m. PDT today. I may need to skip tomorrow (Thurs) but will definitely have something up on Friday to look at. Keep an eye on the clue launch at top of page. Now quit clowning around and get to work. Ah, you saw that coming…

Clue Name : “Angry Clown!”
Submitted by: Johnny K.
Status : Solved (21)
Duration: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Chris R, Tim R, Golux13, Mike M, Ken S, Robert M, Andy K, Mark G, Scotty B, Jason C, Mike Z, Katie N, Tony A, Tina, JoJo A, Mark, Shawn D, Josh C, Chris R, Daniel R, Michael J

Word Clues : “Busted Aero Highway”
Magnification Needed: 11/15

SOLUTION TO “Angry Clown!”

2 Responses to “Angry Clown!”

  1. Steve m Says:

    i think this one looks like the alien from the old disney movie Flight of the Navigator , i couldn`t find this one the clue led me to Pheonix Arizon.

  2. scott l Says:

    This is the State Farm Insurance corporate building in Tulsa, thus the name of the street it’s on. Just in case anybody really cared…

    State Farm Insurance
    (918) 621-3000
    12222 State Farm Blvd
    Tulsa, OK 74146