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5/11/05 | 2:00 pm | Solution: Angry Clown!

Hehe, thanks for all your emails. I do complain a little too much… don’t mind me! =)

Well, I think this one was definitely a little easier on the brain. Still, I thought it was a good clue. Angry clown! Scares me.

By the way… does anyone know what this clue is, or is it just some random building…

I belatedly noticed there was a town called Broken Arrow near Tulsa as well as the expressway itself, which probably made it even easier for a few. Robert M wrote:

Guess I got lucky with this one. Immediately thought of broken arrow and googled it to find Broken Arrow, OK, then I found the highway and it was easy from there. Maybe 1 minute.

And Golux 13 made a similar connection:

Time to solve: ~2 minutes (”Busted Aero” was pretty easy to translate into “Broken Arrow,” and a quick Google search gave me Broken Arrow, OK. The angle of the highway through town convinced me I had the right place, and it took me about 20 seconds to slide along the highway until I saw Grumpo the Clown.)

I noticed the highway angle as well. That’s cool when people use the area surrounding the main part of the graphical clue or the color of the clue to help figure it out. Some people also tried out the clown insurance angle for kicks. Scotty B:

Took about 20 minutes, I was looking way too deep into the clues.

I thought the insurance thing might have been about Hartford, CT, and then something about the Boston (busted) Post (aeropostale) Road (highway).

and Mike Z:

An easy one. I sure wouldn’t have gotten this with “Do you want to buy clown insurance?” ;-) By the way, I had never heard of Broken Arrow Expressway before.

Regarding the clown insurance, that was supposed to be a reference to the fact that there is a road near the clown called “State Farm Road” or something. I was going to use that in combination with broken arrow, but decided not to because I could see how it would be an extremely bloody herring!

Lastly, it is good to see the “working” Scavengeroogles are still playing once in awhile. Fight the power, peeps. Mark G:

This is the first one I’ve gotten within a minute… My boss will be happy I’m not wasting my day :)

Well, I thought I’d be free tomorrow but looks like that’s not the case. Clues shall return this coming Friday morning. For those of you who are finishing up finals, I hope they went well!

Solution to “Angry Clown!”

3 Responses to “Solution: Angry Clown!”

  1. Jon B Says:

    The building in question is the Oklahoma-Kansas regional office of the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. When you flip over to the graphical map of the “Angry Clown” you can see that it’s on State Farm Boulevard.

  2. JaredR Says:

    I didnt get to play during the time today because work got in the way. It was a much easier clue than the last. Since the clue took me little time, I decided to research the building. It is the State Farm Federal Credit Union Building.

  3. Scavengeroogle Says:

    John, Jared - Cool… yeah I knew it had something to do with State Farm because Johnny had mentioned it as part of a word clue. Kind of funny the building looks like an angry clown from the air though…