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5/13/05 | 9:00 am | ET And His Shadow

click to search using Google MapsHow many of you saw the movie E.T. in theatres when it came out? Hmm… I guess I’m showing my age here. All I can say is that the sales of Reese’s Pieces must have skyrocketed after the movie… probably one of the more successful movie product placements in history. Aliens promoting candy instead of trying to take over the earth. What a concept!

Anyhow, Mike Z. has quite the eye for aliens, having sent me this clue that looks suspiciously like our favorite cuddly Extraterrestrial himself moseying along a grassy road. Mike says: “…I’ve got a new one that’s NOT in Texas. I’ve come across a lake that reminds me of a side profile of E.T.: big head, little neck, dumpy body. You sort of have to use your imagination a little.”

I actually had no problem recognizing him. You can even see his shadow on the ground as he moves! Er, moving in the opposite direction that is. Well, what do you expect, he’s a weird and wonky alien with magic powers! One can only wonder if this is the mark of the real ET who has lately come to earth to chastise Drew Barrymore for showing her ta-tas to David Letterman…

Back to business! ET is pretty small, but you can spot him at 13/15. I wouldn’t bet on anything farther out than that.

As for word clues, I was all set to just include Mike’s word clues verbatim for you to tackle. However, I tried attempting a “re-find” on the clue and couldn’t find it. For potential clue submitters: you should ALWAYS try and attempt this. If you are not able to “re-find” your own clue given a general location in satellite mode (say start at a major city), then chances are that it will be too difficult for others! Remember that they won’t even have a general location to start with, let alone a specific one.

So I’m going to add some more to his clue. His first clue was: “Souls of the slain are at the 19th hole”. To that I would like to add “… up the long run”. So your rather long total word clues are:

“Souls of the slain are at the 19th hole, up the long run”

I’m going to try out an idea I got from a suggestion by Jason C the other day. The first clue drop will be a “literal general region” hint, that will have no puns whatsoever in it. It will be something like “West Coast”, “Rocky Mountains”, or even a state (”Texas” comes to mind). Whatever it is, it will NOT be punny and will be straight literal. You can be assured that this clue drop will not have hidden meanings.

I think this will ease some of the frustration about not even knowing what part of the country to look. I know some people actually ENJOY that frustration (… crickets … silence) so I won’t start off with a general region but drop it as the first clue. I will of course drop other clues as time goes on and there are no solutions. However, these other clue drops are NOT guaranteed to be literal. =)

Anyhow, did I mention that you are all kick-ass clue solvers? Well, you are, and thanks for playing along with this insanity of sometimes lame or frustrating clues. Thanks for the feedback as well, that’s how we make the game better…

How are finals? I remember those… just barely. Anyhow, this clue will be open for solutions until 2:00 p.m. PDT today. Oh, P.S. Happy friday the thirteenth!

[Edit: 9:52 PDT - I think many are on the right general track, but nevertheless here is your region clue: Louisville, KY]

[Edit: 10:09 PDT - Hey crazy kids who have finals… go study! We’ll still be here next week! =) ]

[Edit: 10:25 PDT - Man. I just tried doing a second “re-find” and it took me 15 minutes. Ok, a second clue to get you closer: try “Souls of the gloriously slain”]

[Edit: 12:33 PDT - I gotta get some lunch. Hmm, I’m don’t think there’s any other clues that can be dropped to help people along. I’ll be back at 1:30…]

Clue Name : “ET And His Shadow”
Submitted by: Mike Z.
Status : Solved (14)
Duration: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Dynamic Duo, Tina, Chris R, Mike M, Golux13, Katie N, Mark G, Shawn D, Brian G, Steve M, JoJo, Angie S, Chris P, Ken S

Word Clues : “Souls of the slain are at the 19th hole, up the long run”
Magnification Needed: 13/15

SOLUTION TO “ET And His Shadow”

4 Responses to “ET And His Shadow”

  1. the dymanic duo Says:

    we did it in about 10 min…that was fun!!!

  2. Mike Z Says:

    Oh, good. I will have my afternoon free. Anyway, with regards to clues, I think all of us are going through a learning process of what works, what doesn’t, and what makes for a good clue. I have to admit that in hindsight, I think I really obfuscated my clue a little too much. Sorry, guys. I’ll know better next time.

  3. scott l. Says:

    I know I am all over the damn thing. I know I’m in the right town, I know I’m looking for the right roads and colors, and I know what kind of place this thing is supposed to be next to (although it doesn’t help that there seem to be dozens). BUT WHERE IS IT!


  4. Scavengeroogle Says:

    Dynamic duo - wow, how did you get it so quickly?

    Mike - Welcome to my world =) Don’t worry, it is truly tough to get a clue that is fun enough to play and yet not too hard. At least you tried to include word clues… thinking them up from scratch is tough…

    Scott - Hehe. Well, if it makes you feel better I spent 45 minutes trying for a “re-find” of the clue and I still couldn’t find it… duh, I am NOT very good at finding these things. Yeah, the tough part seems to be indeed that there are so many of these “places” that ET is supposed to be in!