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5/13/05 | 1:59 pm | Solution: ET And His Shadow

I knew this one would be harder because I had such a hard time finding it even with the answer! Although the Dynamic Duo seemed to get it quite easily. I think one of the main problems was that there were so many golf courses around Louisville. I didn’t know that golfing was such a hot sport in Kentucky…

Mike Z, who submitted the clue admitted it was a bit tough, especially because the Valhalla reference was not immediately found in results by googling the clue. I thought that part wasn’t too bad, but still added “gloriously” as a clue drop later to help out. The hardest part was finding it once the location was known. Shawn D, who has actually been to the golf course before, notes:

Toughie, I never would have gotten this one without the geo clue, and I’ve played Valhalla Golf Course before. I got started late, so I got all the clues up front. From there it took about 15 minutes.

Some people were able to find the answer without even using major parts of the clue. Brian G:

I still have no clue what any of the word clues mean. I just stumbled on the Long Run Golf Course/Road near Louisville once you gave out that clue. I was all over the place on this one from Soledad, CA (soul + dead) to Marathon, FL (long run). Off and on for a couple hours for me…

That is pretty creative thinking for soledad and marathon… I might save those for another session, hehe. Golux 13 brought up an issue with googlemaps itself that I’ve had problems with before myself:

Time to solve: Way too long. I figured out the “Valhalla” part of the clue early and looked in Louisville for Valhalla Golf Club, but thanks to Google Maps’ inability to put a map marker anywhere near the thing it’s supposed to be marking, I could not find the actual Valhalla Golf Club, and thus went on a wild chase around the map for other “ghost” or “haunted” golf clubs. When I saw the clue drop, I went back and searched the map again, and after about 5-10 more minutes found what I needed.

I find that I often have to repeatedly switch between “citymap” and “satellite” views in order to try find things, and yes I often don’t trust Googlemaps markers at all. It is also difficult sometimes because the actual words don’t appear on things like golf courses unless you’re zoomed in to a certain degree. I found myself zooming in to any little green area on the “citymap” view to try find the golf course in question.

I think the “region” clue drop idea is a good one, and I’ll keep that up for now. Chris R wrote:

Whew… i definitely needed the second clue on this one. Spent a lot of time in New Orleans for some reason.

A common pattern was actually deciphering the word clues correctly but having trouble with the actual locating of ET. Tina wrote:

Took a little while to actually find him once I figured out the clue. Maybe 20 minutes.

and Katie N said:

It took me about 15 minutes. After a long time of looking around I finally came across the Long Run golf course.

JoJo went a herring huntin’ for awhile before finding the correct solution:

This one was tough. Places I looked before I found it: Gettysburg Golf Course, Big Run GC (next to Long Run creek), Bull Run GC, and searched all of both the Valhalla and Long Run GC’s before I finally just followed Long Run road. 1.5 hours.

Mark G got to the answer in this slightly roundabout way:

Excellent clue! I found Valhalla golf course fairly quickly. But not until I put in directions to “Long Run” Baptist church did I find what I was looking for. Probably took a half hour overall. Keep up the great work!

And of course many people are playing during work again like Steve M. Hey it’s a Friday, ain’t it:

i found the clue 5 min after you told me the city and state, now i can get some work done and make the boss happy.

OK, I don’t know if your finals are done or if they are coming up. But anyhow, congrats if you are done and good luck if they are coming up… man, I wish there was a major for Scavengeroogling. See you Monday morning at 9!

Solution to “ET And His Shadow”

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  1. Mike Z Says:

    Well, this seemed to do much better than what I thought it would! I’m glad to see that there were people who got it, but that it wasn’t so easy and obvious that everyone got it in 2 minutes. What concerned me was the reference to Valhalla — I wasn’t so sure that people were going to pick up on the Norse myth reference even with Google’s help. References to Roman and Greek myth would probably be par for the course considering most of us studied that in school at one time or another, but Norse myth isn’t usually covered and I was really wondering how many would puzzle it out.

    It seems that the greater problem was actually finding the place. There’s actually a way to find it pretty quickly. Really! After getting Valhalla, you can go to Google (not Google Maps!) and use a very simple query “Valhalla golf.” References to the course appear and there’s a street address (15503 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY) displayed right there on the results page. If you had started searching in Louisville, it’d take a long long time to find. However, had you gone directly to the street address, you’d have been only three miles to the west of the solution. A search starting from there shouldn’t have taken very long (provided you decided to search to the east).

    To really see how close the solution and Valhalla golf club are, take a look at this:

    As for Golux13’s comment, I never rely on Google Maps to accurately place something. As I said above, I search Google to get a complete street address and then feed that address into Google Maps. That has been much more reliable.