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6/3/05 | 2:00 pm | Solution: See Tea Sea

Whew that was sort of tough. Anyhow, I believe that the CTC stands for “Combat Training Centre” which is near the CFB (Canadian Forces Base) in Gagetown, Canada. I think this might be some sort of field training area. When I first looked it up, I thought it could be either the “Canada Tourism Commission”, “Canadian Labour Congress”, “Computer Training and Consulting” or “Canada Tibet Committee”. Talk about your herrings, geez!

I believe this is our first clue in Canada. Jon G points out a problem that I was having when I was trying to do refinds:

A few google searches led me to C.F.B. Gagetown, wasn’t too hard after that, just a little looking around. Hardest part was getting google maps to find stuff in Canada.

Godamn, yes I had that same problem. For some reason googlemaps doesn’t like to pick up anything in Canada. You have to actually go and look for the places manually. It kept thinking New Brunswick was in New Jersey no matter how close I zoomed in on Canada. It was also a bit difficult because of the low contrast. Jason C:

Took about 15 mins, I was sure I would miss it considering that I couldnt see hardly anything on the screen with the dark colors in the photos.

Mike Z found it by process of elimination on the googlemap squares once Brunswick was dropped. This is usually a good idea, especially if you think the clue is in a rural region where google maps may not have as “squares” of high detail mapped.

Because there wasn’t much land area mapped at high detail, I just searched New Brunswick until I found it. Easy. Of course, I had the benefit of seeing the region clue when I started.

Quite a few people were misdirected in the beginning. I am quite the dunce regarding all things military, which is why this one was so tough to come up with a clue for. But I thought that giving the man after which the town was named might do the trick. Indeed, Ryan F said:

My first successful find! Took only 2 minutes or so, after Googling “Thomas Gage Canada”

Michael J came to the solution in a bit of a roundabout:

Not bad. I enjoyed reading about the history of Gage. He was born in Sussex, England, so I started searching in near Sussex, New Brunswick. Not far from there is Gagetown.

Katie N went to Montreal first which actually I had a feeling that people might try, having seen that connection too.

This took me a while. I looked in Montreal for a long time because I found something about Gage being the governor. With the New Brunswick clue, a google search led me right to Gagetown.

Daniel M: did the same for a bit:

Took me about ten minutes. Gage had been governor of Montreal for three years of his life, so I spent about five minutes there. I hate to say that it took the clue drop for me to finally get it. But it still only took me ten minutes…clue drop just happened to occur while I was looking.

Jim M did the Montreal thing and in addition went to Hamilton…

Was looking in and around Hamilton (there’s a Gage Park there) and Montreal (where Col. Gage was governor at one time). Spent 15 min. then gave up and waited for the drop - about 2 min. after the drop.

Brian G also went astray but got it anyhow:

Was in Nova Scotia for a long time. Finally checked New Bruns. after the region clue. About 25 mins. today. Not sure what CTC stands for. Gagetown - clever…

and Josh W was in the States for awhile before getting it:

Gagetown, New Brunswick. Took me a while of looking in West Virginia for the Battle of Monogahela…I realized it was in Canada.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I certainly need this one. See you Monday morning, bright and early.

Solution to “See Tea Sea”

2 Responses to “Solution: See Tea Sea”

  1. Mike Z Says:

    I believe this is our first clue in Canada.

    Not so fast. Remember this one?

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    oh duh.. you are right. =)