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6/6/05 | 9:00 am | Bug Hunt

click to search using Google MapsGood morning to you all from the past, that is from Saturday night… I decided to get an early start on my clue whilst watching SNL (still like the old ones better, but what else are you going to watch?) Anyhow, Jim M sent in a cool bug for today’s clue, which is of course called “Bug Hunt”.

Speaking of bugs, the other day I discovered some tiny “wood pellets” around a small hole in my bedroom floor (we have wooden floors that are raised up above the ground). I actually don’t think it’s termites but a subterranean type of wood boring beetle. I googled it… hmm, may have to get that treated. Ugh.

Anyhow, Mr. Bug is visible from quite far out, perhaps 12/15 or even 11/15 because it’s a very distinct shape and bright white. As for the clue, I think we will go directly with the clue thought up by Jim because I thought it was pretty clever. We’ll see how hard it is, and I will probably drop a region clue sooner or later. Here’s the clue:

“Hope’s Springs Eternal”

Wow, this is really distracting writing this up while watching TV. I think I’ll have to sign off now so I can pay attention to these scintillating skits featuring Tom Brady. Thank you again for playing and stay tuned for clues…

[Edit: 10:24 PDT - Man, I’m sleepy today. Coffee just barely does it. Anyhow, thought I would drop a region clue because I have to go out for a bit. Here ya go: Southern California]

Clue Name : “Bug Hunt”
Submitted by: Jim M.
Status : Solved (12)
Duration: Mon 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Chris R, Mike M, Golux13, Jarret R, Craig S, Shawn D, Mark G, Mark L, Mike J, Katie N, Brian G, Mike Z

Word Clues : “Hope’s Springs Eternal”
Magnification Needed: 12/15


One Response to “Bug Hunt”

  1. Steve m Says:

    It’s Monday and my brain hasn’t turned on yet, so i think the building looks like something in vegas so thats where I’m looking . Im probably way off.