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6/24/05 | 12:03 pm | Solution: Footprints in the Sand

I underestimated how hard this word clue from Mike M might be, and I think I know why: It’s a California clue, so I’m familiar with the area… so I was scavenger hoodwinked into thinking that everyone knows about the Charles Schultz Museum! I figured it would be easy peasy. I’ve even physically visited the museum (took a detour through Sebastopol on honeymoon 6 years back), so I guess I wasn’t really thinking too much about mentally connecting” good grief” with the museum.

Still, some people did get it quick. Like Moose who wrote:

Very easy. Less than 3 mins. I like it when we’re not getting any calls at work, like today. Gives me more time for ‘Roogling.

Hooray for ‘roogling in the workplace! Judy B writes:

Good grief! This one was a thinker. Looked up Peanuts creater Charles Schultz and found the site immediately.

Good grief indeed. Peanuts is still one of my favorite cartoons. The holiday specials on TV still really get to me. Shawn D said:

Pretty easy, Googled Charles Schultz and the museum came up. Sonoma, Ca.

Love it. Gotta run.

I’d love to have a scavenge an hour, but failing that, I’m fine with the mailing list.

Steve M wrote:

First thing i thougth was Charlie Brown So i looked up the history of Charlie Brown and it brought me to Charles M . Schulz. It had someting there about a museum in Santa Rosa Cali. so I went straight there. Didn’t really even have to look it was right there. Have a good friday and weekend I’m getting off work early and taking my kids fishing . Later

Man, I am so jealous you are going fishing. I like fishing quite a bit… where do you go fishing in Oregon? I get seasick so it’s rivers and lakes only for me.

Jon G had a similar method:

Took me 15 min. Immediately thought of Charlie Brown, after a little while I thought of Charles Schultz. After some google searching I found out he lived near Santa Rosa in Sebastopol, CA. Only took a minute or so after pulling up Sebastopol on google maps.

Ann M notes:

found the Charles Schulz info on Wikipedia.

I have likewise found Wikipedia to be as useful (if not more useful at times) than straight plug and chug googling.

Ryan F said:

Didn’t get in until the region drop, and it I’m guessing it made a difference, unless googling “Charlie Brown” without “California” yielded some lucky first results. Took 5 minutes from search to find. Pretty cool on the edge of lower-res photo, too.

Thank God for region drops I guess. Jason C’s idea of old has been a good one. Luke P has a similar note:

About 5 minutes - I started after the region drop, which helped. “Good Grief” immediately made me think of the peanuts, and googling Peanuts and California brought up the Charles Schultz complex in Santa Rosa. Spent a few minutes scanning the area before I found it.

Ok, folks thanks for playing as always. So far, sounds like the mailing list and day long clue drop period idea is OK with most. If so, I will try get something together sometime after the July 4 weekend. Also, sorry, I have had to shelve the “real Scavenger” hunt for awhile, but believe me it is on the shelf and not in the trash… I’m hoping to really try that some time.

See you Monday at 9!

Solution to “Footprints in the Sand”

3 Responses to “Solution: Footprints in the Sand”

  1. Ken S. Says:

    Couldn’t find the footprints today. I spent 30 minutes total. First I went to St. Paul, MN - where Charles Schulz was born. Then actually looked around Sebastopol, CA. My lunch break ended probably 4 or 5 minutes too soon. If you mail me, I will play on my next lunch break or after 5pm (east coast).

    Thanks, Ken

  2. Mike Z Says:

    The Charlie Brown reference was obvious and that led me to search Charles Schultz’s hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota. With no luck and my alloted scavenger minutes up (the tail end of my lunch break is only so long), I had to give up. The region clue hadn’t been dropped yet. I had totally forgotten that he moved to California later on. Oh, well. It seems my area of expertise is the south and part of the mid-west.

  3. Landis Says:

    I grew up in Santa Rosa and still live near by. I actually learned to fly here and spend a good deal of time viewing the ground by air. Unfortunately for me, after Sparky died they renamed the Sonoma County Airport the Charles M Schulz Airport. So I spent a good deal of time looking for the pond around there. I never thought about the museum - or the Ice Rink.

    This ‘roogling thing is really cool. I can’t wait to get started on one where I can’t wuss out and look up the answer. :)