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6/27/05 | 12:37 pm | Solution: Asian Writing

I don’t know what it is with my host provider lately, they seem to consistently plan downtimes right when the solution is about to go up and the game is about to end. One more reason not to have a “timed” solution; I’m getting kind of weary of this. Suffice to say this solution is probably going up late.

“Fragrant Harbour” is the direct translation of “Hong Kong”. The asian character means “oil” by the way (I didn’t know that - my wife, who can read Chinese, told me.). Which is quite fitting of course being that it looks like it is on top of two gigantic oil repositories and right next to what looks like a lake of the black stuff.

Anyhow, I gotta run, but our first real “international” clue went over fairly well, if a little on the easy side. I needed to make this one easy, because I can’t gauge yet how hard international stuff will be. Most people had not much trouble with it.

An interesting note. Mike Z DID get crunchy magic bonus points for finding some additional chinese characters:

5 - 10 minutes. Do I get any crazy bonus points for finding the smaller ones nearby? I actually found those first.

Shawn D notes:

It took me about twenty minutes. I’m going to love these international clues. It gives me a chance to learn a little more about some foreign countries.

I agree about the chance to find out more about the rest of the world. I am woefully under traveled so this will be interesting to find out more about other countries.

And Trecherus found another cool clue close by. Yeah, I noted that there seems to be a lot of interesting stuff to look at around the area:

I googled “Fragrant Harbour” and saw John Lanchester’s Fragrant Harbour that took place in Hong Kong. I then remember seeing something painted on the roof while searching Hong Kong for clues to send in. Unfortunately, that was a star. I thought the darkness on the left of the picture was water so I searched the western coasts. Although, the symbols turned out to be on the western coast, I don’t know what the darkness is.

Ok, kids. Tune in for another episode of scavengeroogling on Wednesday at 9!

Solution to “Asian Writing”