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6/29/05 | 12:22 pm | Solution: One Eyed Willy

I have to run, but first an important note (I’ll put this in another separate post):

Since there is no dissent, I made a decision to just go with the all day clue thing and to go with the “non-regular” clue drop. So, the last regular drop will be this coming Friday (many of you will be outta town probably). After that, clues will go up on a non-regular schedule (though, I may try to stick with Mon, Wed, Fri for awhile).

I’m going to do this regardless of if I figure out the mailing list and regardless if I figure out auto-notify. I think it is not too much to ask for people to come to the site on their own at any time during the day to check if a new clue has been dropped.

Mike M.’s info on his word clue:

Pic from Montgomery, AL, Montgomery is the first name of the Simpsons character Mr Burns. The pic is from west of the city, right next to a river. The service road that it’s on is off of Washington Ferry Rd.

Comments, hurriedly… Most interestingly, I have noticed that sometimes the word clue ends up having more than one way to solve it! Like Chris R:

This one was easy. I figured “Burns” was Pulitzer-prize winning journalism John Burns, who was friends in college with ABC correspondent Bob Woodruff. Consequently, I knew there was a “Bob Woodruff Lake” in Montgomery, AL — and there it was.

That is cool, he didn’t use the Simpson’s tie-in… also he was the first to solve it! Here are other comments.

Peter R

Whoa, that was real easy today (well, compared to the only other one I ever got).Though of Montgomery, AL right away and just scanned left along what I can only assume is the Alabama river. Took under five minutes.

On an interesting side note, pseudo-googling (i.e. Yahoo! search engine) revealed a Montgomery Ferry Dr. which ALMOST lead to a red herring.


I first started looking at all the different “Springfield”s in the US, but none of the colors seemed right - so I re-routed myself on the Mr. Burns clue. Hmmm…Montgomery? OH SNAP, Montgomery, Alabama!

From there, I just followed the waterway westward, and thar she was. A very
satisfying find.

Jon G

Took about 2 min. Immediately thought of Montgomery, AL from Mr. Burns part of clue and typed Montgomery into google maps and there it was not far from where it started me at. Didn’t even need the rest of the clue.

Mike Z

Very easy! Under 1 minute. I got the Montgomery clue right away, went there and saw some some green patches next to the river. Zoom in a little and there it is. It’s so nice to know that I have the rest of my afternoon free today. :-)


I inadvertently saw the region clue drop, but I would have been put on the right track by “Mr. Burns” anyway. I was already looking for Montgomery and ferry references, and Montgomery, AL would have been first on my list — and definitely was when I saw the clue.

Not sure about the rest of the clue. “West,” sure — look on the west side — but “ferry” doesn’t seem to relate to anything I saw. The only “Ferry” reference I could find easily was Wares Ferry Road, which is on the east side of the city.

And I’m off… see you Friday at 9!

Solution to “One Eyed Willy”

2 Responses to “Solution: One Eyed Willy”

  1. Ken S. Says:

    I got hung up on George Burns and looked near his birth place in NY city. I also went to France because of “Vaudeville”. I looked around a few Springfields because of “The Simpsons” but never figured it out.

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    Ken - Yeah, my first thought would be to think Simpsons, but I think I also would have gone to look for Springfield instead of Mongomery! If you see Chris R’s solution, he even looked for a completely different “Burns”, but somehow still got the answer. Looking back, “Mr. Burns” was probably a little more vague than I thought it would be. I didn’t think of George Burns, though now I think about it that would be a prime herring.

    It is kind of interesting how for a particular word clue some people will go at it in the right direction with the answer right away. But for a word clue of similar difficulty (I mean one I estimate is “approximately” the same difficulty) it is unbelievably hard. It is weird how our heads store all this random info as well as make certain connections differently!