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7/1/05 | 11:50 am | Solution: Googly Eyes

This time the server was OK but my webmail went down, making me think that everyone was out of town and not playing. Then, suddenly mail went back up and I got all the messages dumped on me at once. A few new players in the mix, and it was pretty much split on whether or not you needed to know it was in England. I thought long and hard about a word clue… and I knew that if you weren’t careful you’d go to Missouri, Marshall, etc. Hence the “foot only” clue. Yeah, I played soccer in high school. (Side note: I really don’t like American Football, but I won’t get into that) Anyhow, here are some notes from you:

Don R was first on the board:

Good ol’ Googly Eyes! Started out with MU football, taking me to Missouri University in Columbia. But then I started thinking about the “foot only” part of the clue and realized we were talking about soccer, which the greater world calls “football.” MU football had to mean Manchester United in England. Found the location for the MU stadium (Old Trafford) and started scouting the area. Found Googly Eyes a bit to the east/southeast. Nice!

Richard J did a bit of herring research first:

How long it took: It took me about 40 minutes. I spent about 30 minutes looking through Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri since I associated MU with University of Missouri. Then you dropped the England Clue and I immediately thought Manchester United soccer.

Justin said:

The clue refers to Manchester United, a team that plays the lesser form of football known to us in the U.S. as soccer. I didn’t start until after the region drop, which made finding this pretty easy. It took less than ten minutes.

Hehe, you said “lesser” football… I think it might be the other way around for a lot of non-US folks… Andy K was glad for the region clue:

The regional drop was a lifesaver. For some reason I just could not get out of the US. Very clever clue, easy to get stuck on the wrong concept

as was Jason C:

Took about 10 mins. Started after region drop. Would have started in Missouri if not for region drop. Been too busy lately to play. Good to get one in b4 the holiday weekend.

and Ken S:

The region drop saved me. It immediately looked like a dorm complex. I searched every “MU” (Marshall, Miami, Mansfield, Millersville, etc.) in the states but had no hits for England until the region drop. (45 minutes)

Huh, I didn’t think that but it IS sorta setup like some dorms. Also, I think that searching for “MU Football” gave one England hit about 2 or 3 pages into google searching… I sorta banked on that to provide some difficulty.

Jon G said:

Took about 2 minutes. Immediately thought of Man. United with all the news about the Glazer family lately. Happy 4th of July all!

I actually didn’t even know about that since I don’t keep up with English Football that much… Adam M said:

Manchester, England! I was looking around the US at first, but I found it in less than a minute of reading the region hint.

Moose also plays soccer. We should start up a Roogle Soccer league… I am kidding. I have grown two left feet since high school…

Well, once I was looking in the right country, this was pretty easy. I play a little soccer, so I figured out pretty quickly that MU - Manchester United. Just searched around Manchester, and found it within 5 minutes. I would’ve made it sooner, but I had a meeting for the first hour of ‘Roogle play today. I’m excited about the day-long clues now.

Mike M actually got to play today, seeing as for once I didn’t use one of his submitted clues!

day off from work, forgot about ‘roogle until 1.5 hrs in, found it pretty quickly…less than 2min, but that was after the region drop

Mike, a side note: I believe you are the originator of the “roogle” abbreviation… is that right? I was going to give you credit in the FAQ. It is hell of easier to say ‘Roogle than Scavengeroogle…

Golux13 notes:

5-10 minutes. I didn’t need the region clue drop, though I did spend a minute or two checking out Marquette University. Since I quickly figured out that football meant soccer, Manchester United was an easy find. Then the only tough part was wandering around the sat images of Machester until I found the target.

Thanks everyone for playing. I keep saying this, but I really appreciate you all coming to check out the site once in awhile and spending your time searching for clues. OK, have a good long weekend everybody, and see you on… well, I’ll see you when I see you!

Solution to “Googly Eyes”

2 Responses to “Solution: Googly Eyes”

  1. Moose Says:

    I like the idea of a ‘Roogle soccer league! Too bad we live all over. I don’t get much chance to play soccer anymore. I was going to play for the University of Arkansas club soccer team last year (Title IX bs, we don’t have NCAA soccer), but couldn’t because of scheduling conficts. Looks like I’m stuck with what little intramural and backyard soccer I can get. So, if anybody in the Arkansas area needs a decent goalie, I’d love to find some more soccer to get into. Guess I’ll just have to stick with my tennis and softball in the meantime. A happy Fourth of July to all the ‘Rooglers out there!

  2. Mike Moore Says:

    I didn’t see the abbreviation “‘roogle” before I started using it, so I might have been the originator. Other people may or may not have used it on their own before me. When talking about it in the workplace or in the subject heading line when I sent my own clues to colleagues I would use ‘roogle. Just a whole lot easier to type and say.