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    Scavengeroogle is a scavenger hunt game where you use Google maps to find the location of a particular graphical clue. (see us in Wired Magazine)

7/13/05 | 11:34 am | Scavengeroogle in WIRED

Scavengeroogle featured in Wired MagazineIf you need further proof of how great a magazine WIRED is here you go. I was notified by ‘roogler Trecherus that he actually spotted Scavengeroogle featured in the print version of the July 05 issue of Wired Magazine! This is awesome stuff and it really made my day. Actually it really made my week as it has been slightly cruddy so far. (Sorry about the lack of a clue today, I will try get one up soon!)

I used to subscribe to Wired long ago, but I haven’t gotten the print version of the magazine for quite awhile. Primarily because I just visit the Wired Site for latest news. On that note, I know that the magazine and online version overlap in some respects but I don’t think this article is online. I haven’t searched but I assume that I would have noticed incoming traffic from Wired if we had appeared online.

[Edit: 7/20/05 - Oops, I spoke to soon. We are surely linked from the actual site in the Spawn Of Google Maps article online at Yay!]

Scavengeroogle featured in Wired MagazineThe feature is on page 30 of the latest issue and is entitled “Spawn of Google Maps” by Matthew Yeomans. He talks about 5 different ways that people are using Google Maps.

We are featured in the number 2 slot of the “5 Spins on Searchable Terrain”! As you can see in the picture, they included both a picture and a little blurb paragraph about what the site does. For the picture, they actually chose to show a clue called Bones Brigade from back in early May. They also mentioned the Question Mark pier and the bell carved into farmland. From this, I gather that the article was written in early May sometime since they don’t talk about any of the more recent clues.

This is super nice that they would feature us in their article. Along with Scavengeroogle, there is the familiar “googleglobetrotting” site, as well as a LiveJournal Area 51 site, a loggin industry destruction related site, and a digital scrapbook a la Flickr. I didn’t have time to scan in all the other blurbs at high res.

Scavengeroogle featured in Wired MagazineSo, anyhow I wanted to say thanks again for coming to visit the site once in awhile. As I said before, I am pretty amazed at the fact that people came to visit the site in the first place. Originally, it was just a project for fun that I thought would last for a couple clues or so. I guess I should get on the ball and create some more clues now!

In any case, hooray for us! Well, I was hoping they would have had some screenshots of one of the clue summary boxes so that it’d show some of your names and make you a bit famous. Hehe. Anyhow, thanks again and thanks for sending in all those clues lately…

3 Responses to “Scavengeroogle in WIRED”

  1. Steve m Says:

    Good job dude that’s awesome! I haven’t been around latley I drove down to Hollywood to see tenacious D so I’ve been out for a week. But I’m back and ready to check out this new system of doing things around here.

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    steve - yeah, I was really excited to open up the mag and see the little blurb. People seem to like the all day clue thing so far…

    I like Jack Black a lot, but not as into Tenacious D. A co-worker was heavily into them, would run around singing the songs… at work!

  3. Mike Says:

    Hey - Congrats on the mention in WIRED. I’ve yet to pick up a copy to read it this month (subscription ran out.. really must re-subscribe). That’s awesome! You know there’s Slashdot, Boing Boing and even WIRED News online.. *THEN* there’s WIRED Mag - the holy grail of a tech mentions. It’s what I’m hoping to make one day.. You’ve done it!! WAY TO GO!!! :) :)

    Good on you mate!
    Mike - over at Google Maps Mania