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7/20/05 | 11:54 am | Bounty: Rocket Ship

click to search using Google MapsI couldn’t decide whether this looked like a pencil stub or whether it looked like a rocketship. In the end, I decided it looked more like a pencil stub but that “Rocket Ship” just sounded plain better as a name for a Scavengeroogle Bounty!

The ship can be seen from fairly far out at 14/18, though I’d say 15/18 to be safe. The word clue for this bounty is going to be: “He had a stroke when he was 24″. I think this will probably be tougher than the earlier clue. Watch your herrings… note that anything goes with bounties. I’ll definitely start to make them harder should people solve them too quickly!

Like I said, I am still experimenting with difficulty. I would, however, like for the average Bounty to last at least 2-3 days. The whole point of them after all is to give everyone something to chew on for a bit, and give me a bit ‘o breathin room to come up with clues! I hope to build up a surplus of 2-3 open bounties. This weekend I’ll try put in a few extra hours to find some. Also, I may be using some of your old clues that you sent in that were too difficult as Bounties!

click to search using Google MapsThe prize for this bounty is a Colorado / Wyoming AAA map circa 2002. I know, I know… these things are basically free. Well, actually you DO have to be a member to get them and there IS a price on it of $3.50… I have good memories of planning trips on AAA maps though, they are kinda cool in that respect. You can destroy one by writing on it and not worry about it at all.

But anyhow, this kind of brings me to an idea that I’m going to write more about in another post. Judy B, winner of the very first Scavenger Bounty, suggested that we have geographical “prize” donations. I think this would be very cool. It would be optional of course. If you have some inexpensive old maps, postcards, souvenirs, anything basically that you think someone else might find interesting, I’d ask that you send it in so that it could be used as a Bounty Prize… Like I said, I’ll write more about that soon, but just letting you know as a heads up. What do you think?

Ok, I’ll be quiet now while you try to find that rocket ship… good luck!

Bounty Name : “Rocket Ship”
Submitted by: Scavengeroogle Admin
Status : Collected by Chris R.
Time Elapsed: 7 hours, 5 minutes
Word Clue : “He had a stroke when he was 24″
Magnification Needed: 15/18

Reward: 2002 Colorado / Wyoming AAA map


OK, so there was some confusion about this clue which seems to have been solved by the same person as “Spilt Wine”. This is a completely different Chris R.. I had a feeling just using the first name and last initial would eventually come back to bite me. It was just a huge coincidence.

Anyhow, I made a huge push this week to get Bounties off the ground. Through no fault of any of you, they were solved so fast that many didn’t get a crack at it. That’s not the intention at all…the original intention was to have it last for a few days AT LEAST, but it is very difficult to come up with suitable clues that are clever and difficult enough, but not impossible. It takes forever. I am going to try and come up with some bounties over the weekend. If the bounties continue to be quickly found I may need to discontinue them… well, it was a good idea I thought.

… Oops I got all worked up so I actually forgot to mention what the clue means. They are the opening lyrics (with a word left out to avoid straight googling) to a CD by Belle and Sebastian who are from Glasgow, Scotland. The full opening lyrics go: “He had a stroke at the age of 24, it could have been a brilliant career” I was going to drop some more hints if it wasn’t solved in a few days…

Solution to “Rocket Ship”

8 Responses to “Bounty: Rocket Ship”

  1. Mike Moore Says:

    Arnold Palmer? He won the US Amateur when he was 24 and you get “strokes” in golf. But, I’ve been all over the US to Palmer related places. Looks like its a pretty good clue.

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    Mike - Hehe, I have been HOPING that it is not an immediate find and that it would last at least a day. It is so difficult to obfuscate the clue sufficiently… I swear I’m trying. My intention was to have no mercy with the word clue, unlike our daily type clue. But still people found the other two bounties so quickly!

  3. drew Says:

    I think I know who “he” is but I’m still working on tying it down to a location…

  4. Scavengeroogle Says:

    drew - good luck… don’t strain the brain too hard on these bounties!

  5. Citizen Of Trantor Says:

    I was thinking Tiger Woods. I got all excited about the “Woods” part. Still haven’t found it. :(

    Scavengeroogle, you have taken over my lunch hour at work. :)

  6. Scavengeroogle Says:

    citizen - hehe, I KNEW people would go to Golf first. thank you for playing!

  7. iggy Says:

    does the term stroke refer to swimming - is there a mark spitz michael phelps rive/pondr?

    or is the clue reference to the TV show 24?

  8. Scavengeroogle Says:

    iggy - nope no swimming, and no tv show 24. although those are some nice herrings you’ve come up with there!