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7/25/05 | 10:04 pm | Solution: Sea Snake

I was pretty surprised how difficult this clue was… I guess the clue that Kilovh gave wasn’t as well known. The Olive Plums Place refers to Bangkok of course. I didn’t know this either though, so don’t even feel bad!

In addition to the more difficult word clue, my email was screwed up intermittently so I didn’t get some solutions (if you solved this earlier, please let me know). Mark L was one who got it earlier but was foiled by my mail…

Hmmm thought I sent it in before 9:30 PDT…. please disregard this if you got the first one…. thanks!

Mike B also got it before the region drops:

About 30 minutes. Found something on Google about Bangkok being a Sanskrit word for “Place of the Olive Plum Grove”. Fortunately only a small part of the Bangkok area is HiRes.

Boy, it sure is still difficult to do foreign clues. I note that trying to do a refind is pretty tough at times because there is no corresponding street maps (or hybrid mode) to compare with.

Tim J got a little herring is his ‘roogle pudding:

spent most of my time looking in taiwan, the “olive plum coast”

Wow, I had no idea about that one actually! Markus B didn’t need the word clue and used brute force after the region drop:

I was too tired today to really look for it. After the region clue it took me like 3 minutes, just searched around Thailand, starting from Bangkok. Still no idea what the clue stands for :)

Richard K. said:

It took about 15 minutes. The hard part was figurang out “Bangmakok” which means “Place of the Olive Plum.

Chorbansi notes:

took 15 mins to solve, the region helped. I had fun solving, thanks!

David H is living proof that persistance pays off:

I’ve been up all night (for reasons not related to this clue) and I pretty much saw the clue when it dropped, so, on and off, it’s taken me 13 hours. Lots of red herrings. I pretty much knew right away it wasn’t in the U.S., but I spent most of my time looking around Australia because of the Cassine australis (Red Olive Plum Tree), which is native there. After the Thailand region drop, probably took about ten minutes. Tough one.

Whew! I’m glad you weren’t up only for the clue or else you would have given me a major guilt trip! Wow, that Australia herring is pretty cool though… how did you come up with the tree name, was it through googling? I think I should have researched Olive Plums a bit first before posting the clue.

Don R avoided herrings and got it pretty quickly:

Took 5 minutes. Didn’t check in today till just a few minutes ago, and the country clue had already been dropped. Googled “Thailand Olive Plum” and found an info page on Thailand provinces which noted that Bangkok meant “Region of plum-olive trees.” Mapped to Bangkok and began searching the limited area that was high-res. Bingo.

Vlado K. says:

Took me about 5 minutes. (with Google Earth)

The Thailand clue made it very easy… but due to time differences, by the time I get here there’s already a couple of clues and several “Solutions Pending”… at least I get to answer this one (unlike the bounties).

Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the vote ‘o confidence. And it is OK to submit a solution even though it is “Solutions Pending”… a normal clue is good all day long. The Bounties are one time things. Speaking of which, I’ve got to start in on making some soon. I actually have a few, but actually am short on PRIZES right now. I hope to find some prizes this week though…

All right, I will talk to you all very soon!

Solution to “Sea Snake”

2 Responses to “Solution: Sea Snake”

  1. Judy B Says:

    Unfortunately, I was away from my computer for a couple of days, and I didn’t see the clue until it was solved, but I’m reasonably sure I wouldn’t have gotten it, at least not in a respectable time. I tried just looking at the word clue and not scrolling down to the location clue, and I spent a good 30 minutes poking aimlessly around various lovely-yet-wrong Italian locations. I had to stop and do something else, but I was pretty much stumped. Had I played I would have failed. Even coming back and actually looking at the solution comments I’m in awe of the folks that got it.

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    Judy - Yeah, this one was tough. Most got it after the region drop. It is especially difficult for anything out of the U.S. I find that in order to even come up with a Non-U.S. clue, I have to keep some other page open that has a street level map of the country and use that side by side with the satellite imagery. And just compare back and forth!