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8/3/05 | 12:01 am | Metal Moths

click to search using Google MapsMy, my, the clues will fly. Hello there. I got this cool find from Judy B. of what looks like two moths in flight. Obviously, they are buildings of some sort but the resemblance is pretty cool. Well, they could also be alien spacecraft… but of course we all know there’s no such thing as UFOs right? Sorry, that was the government agent in me speaking…

Anyhow, the mothies are visible at a fairly respectable 14/18. You should be able to see them flutter from high up on your scavengeroogle viewing port. I have decided to mangle Judy’s clues a bit. Here you go:

“Patton Lucks Out”

I have a feeling that there may be some who don’t have any trouble at all with the clues, but I am prepared to region drop if need be! Until later on: May all your clues be live and your roogle solutions be monstrous!

[Edit: 10:10 am PDT - How’s it going? A few solutions so far, so I will wait a couple more hours b4 considering a region…]

[Edit: 12:34 pm PDT - OK, I’ll start off with a very general region clue, actually a region exclusion. The Metal Moths are NOT located in the U.S.A. That should start the ball rolling for some…]

[Edit: 12:51 pm PDT - I see a lot of people coming here from I-Am-Bored and MetaFilter … if this is you, hello and welcome to ‘Roogle central! Take a look around at some of the past clues and submit some of your own if you get a chance.]

[Edit: 6:10 pm PDT - OK, one last clue for this one: Near Belgium…]

Clue Name : “Metal Moths”
Submitted by: Judy B.
Status : Solved (10)
Duration: Wednesday 8/02/05

Solved By: Tom, David H, Mark L, Adam M, Chorbansi, Chris Re, Citizen, Moose, OtherChris, Tim J

Word Clues : “Patton Lucks Out”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Metal Moths”

5 Responses to “Metal Moths”

  1. John L. Says:

    ugh! these picture google things are really hard for me, but my age may be a factor so maybe when im older they’ll be easier for me.

  2. Judy B Says:

    John L.,

    I watched the clues for a couple of weeks trying to figure out what was going on, and it felt like I had absolutely no idea how to solve them. Then I started reading the comments on previous solutions and how people went about solving the clues and it made a lot more sense. Still there are some that I see and just completely miss. Others are easier. I think a lot of it is luck. Keep trying. It really does get easier as you keep watching and playing.

  3. Scavengeroogle Says:

    john - I think it might actually be easier for younger ‘Rooglers sometimes. When you get as old as me your mind starts to go unless it is exercised frequently. And I am already slow to start with!

    Judy - I am actually thinking of having a little “intro” paragraph that is always on the front page. I have the “FAQ” link already at top, but I think first time players need to get a quick blurb about what the heck the game is about. I have considered creating a “tutorial” where we go through how to solve a clue but maybe that is too much… =)

  4. Citizen Of Trantor Says:

    I had a false lead initially because Patton’s 3rd Army was called “Lucky Forward”, so I was poking around in Ardenne, France initially. Battle Of The Bulge and all that.

    And then there’s Patton, PA. :)

    Then I realized “lucks out” has a final sound to it, but I had to look up where he’s buried.

  5. Scavengeroogle Says:

    Citizen - wow, didn’t even see Patton, PA… The herrings are everywhere!