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8/18/05 | 12:01 am | Darth Vader

click to search using Google MapsNow turn your head 90 degrees clockwise and you’ll see what Citizen of Trantor sent in as a clue the other day. Yes, the prime heavy breather from the 70s himself - Darth Vader. Or, as I like to abbreviate him as - DV.

I think good ‘ol DV has donned some funny looking spectacles or something over his helmet. Maybe they’re to increase his Schwartz, haha. He also looks remarkably like an octopus with some missing tentacles.

Whatever he is, you can see him at 14/18 magnification, maybe even higher up if you’ve got eagle eyes. I have as usual, in my nefarious ways, roogle-mangled the good Citizen’s word hints to suit my own dastardly ends. And therefore you shall feel the wrath of the following:

“100 Years of Blue Jays”

That is all. A region may or may not be dropped. And if you should see Princess Leia tell her that she’s scheduled for, erm… detention in cell block SCAV-1. Rooglers, May the Schwartz be with you…

[Edit: 9:44 am PDT - We seem to be doing pretty well with Lord Vader so I’ll hold off on any more hints for now!]

[Edit: 2:35 pm PDT - Darnit. I am already half a “Mac” person but this latest “windows update” fiasco that I just had is pushing me closer and closer to abandoning PCs altogether. The computer just keeps restarting over and over and all I did was a Windows Update. It was completely 100% fine until I did the update. Sheesh. As such, expect many delays over next couple of days as I try and recover the crap off that computer.]

Clue Name : “Darth Vader”
Submitted by: Citizen of Trantor
Status : Solved (18)
Duration: Thursday 8/18/05

Solved By: Markus B, Antti L, Janne K, Jerry R, Mike B, Mark L, Tina, Jon G, Trecherus, Mike K, Steve M, Aaron B, Other Chris R, Tim R, Dan M, Justin, Tim J, Cindy B

Word Hints : “100 Years of Blue Jays”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Darth Vader”

4 Responses to “Darth Vader”

  1. Aaron B Says:

    I actually bought a mac powerbook a couple of weeks ago and I’m totally hooked. I mean, I had a problem or two, but they have friendly folk at the stores who are always willing to help out with anything and now it runs perfect and is friendly and everything! You’ll like it^^

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    aaron - I am writing this on a Powerbook G4 as we speak. My wife is the Mac side, and has been since the first generation powermac. She has been slowly converting me over… it started with me having to use Quark and other graphics programs a few years ago. We actually have 4 PCs in the house in various states of disrepair, one is a 233 MHz pc, the first one I ever bought on my own, LOL. I have gutted and rebuilt them over time with the help of techie friends, but it gets tiring to keep doing it. I have either a hard drive crash or OS corruption about every year or so.

    I actually am neither pro-PC or pro-Mac. Only thing is certain programs are PC only, and I am not used to the interfaces and quickkeys yet as much. Mac seems to have less problems (for now). Sigh, I think it will be next Tuesday before I can redo my current PC. I had some Scavengeroogle files on there so hopefully I can recover some off the hard drive using my friends’ setup.

  3. Aaron B Says:

    haha, understood. I’m a little sad about the lack of games for the mac, but I do love it otherwise. I guess I’ve also not encountered any program need that was PC only. ah well! I’ll have to enlighten my girlfriend to macs.

  4. Citizen Of Trantor Says:

    You know… I think it looks more like Dark Helmet now.