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    Scavengeroogle is a scavenger hunt game where you use Google maps to find the location of a particular graphical clue. (see us in Wired Magazine)

10/27/05 | 12:53 am | Solution: Bullseye Triangle

Oops, I got caught up playing Dungeon Siege 2, so I forgot to post up the solution. I gotta go to sleep so I’ll just list the comments. An easy one… and many people also found “dopplegangers” of the original bullseye which is some sort of military targeting thingy. Ok, see you next week!

Solution to “Bullseye Triangle”


I’d seen it before. Got there without solving the clue.


easy one…10 minutes…

Pete B:

easy to find, it’s on :)

Shawn D:

Pretty easy. About 5 minutes. Welcome back.

Mark L wrote:

That was a “direct hit” for me, but I saw it before. I knew it was in NV, north of Vegas. About 5 min to find it again.

Jon G:

Took me roughly 10 min. A google search led me to the desert north of Vegas, and after searching a few high-res desert areas, I found it. It was fun to roogle again though, I’m so glad you’re back!

Vic Waggoner:

Bombing target.

Judy B

I had actually gotten sidetracked and was just looking around at a bunch of other weird stuff in the desert and found it. So, probably a couple of hours, but I was goofing off at the same time.

Richard K:

I found two. The second one is here

Tim J:

I’d seen this one before, knew right where it was.

Jason C:

Took about 20 mins off and on. Found 2 others that were close but not exactly right.

Mortified_Penguin wrote:

Yeah, Scavengeroogles back! Found Las Vegas in under two minutes after quick google search on the easy word clue. Took me about twenty minutes the find it on the map. Much higher and to the left than I originally thought.

Astro Tumbler:

It took me far, far too long. I figured out corn creek really easily, but passed over this soooo many times. Eventually I googled for “google maps triangle circle” which lead me to the museum of hoaxes, which had a whole discussion about this thing.

Gah!! There’s another one! I just noticed that the first one I found had a different background.


It took me almost an hour… I don’t think that’s to bad for my first time…. at least I hope not… jeje


Figured out where it was real quick, but finding it on the map was another story all together. Took me about 20 minutes.

Katie N:

This took me about 10 minutes. It only took a second to figure out the general area, but it took some searching to find it.

Thanks for posting clues when you have the time. It’s a nice break from grad school!

Hey Katie, glad to hear you’re playing at grad school. If they had this when I was in grad school, maybe I wouldn’t have flunked out! =)

Solution to “Bullseye Triangle”