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11/2/05 | 10:30 pm | Solution: Lisa Simpson

I thought the word hints were deliciously pun-ny for this clue. Ananth R. wrote up a hum-dinger for this one, though it was decidedly difficult. One of the lowest number of solutions for a multi-day daily clue. He had mentioned that because Romania had only a small section of Hi-Res that once they got the country, they’d pretty much find it. So it needed to be a bit difficult.

The gymnastics part wasn’t a clear giveaway, I mean there’s TONS of gymnasts. The pun was cool though: “No Idea” = “Nadia” and “Come and teach” = “Comaneci”.

[Edit: Shawn D got the solution late but also nabbed Crunchy Magic Bonus Points™ by telling us what it is: “Darn, Got in late on this one. I guess I’ll have to settle for the bonus points. This is indeed a fortress, in fact it’s the Arad fortress. There’s a small, but nice, picture and history here.”]

Solution to “Lisa Simpson”

Jen S. who is a gymnast herself said:

Less than 5 minutes total…I was a gymnast until college, so No idea = Nadia, who’s from Romania. Luckily Romania only has a few patches of hi res images. Liked this one!

Bernd solved it but noted something I was worried about, that the feature might not be unique:

the clue led me to eastern europe immediately, but there are lots of cities with such citadels…

Actually, I am not exactly sure what this is, though I think it could be a fort? Speaking of forts and fortifications, Mike B. said:

Great clue! Spent a lot of time looking for Revolutionary War fortifications (”Come and” -> “command”, “gym”->”James”, etc) then gave up for the night. Next morning with a clearer head it was obvious (sort of) “No Idea” = “Nadia”, “Come and teach” -> “Comaneci” + gymnastics. Only a small amount of HiRes images in Romania to look through. About an hour total.

Vic Waggoner came up with the right answer as well:

Nadia Comaneci! Great clue.

Mark L got it pretty quickly. I agree it was pretty obscure:

Clue was VERY obscure…… sounded like Romaina to me (if someone was going to go somewhere and teach gymnastics). Just did a sweep of the high res …. about 10 minutes.

Judy B went to the beach:

I was totally lost and then it hit me like a load of wet sand. That might possibly be one of THE worst puns I’ve ever encountered. Much more humorous now that I solved it though!

That pun was certainly delicious. I really like puns it seems. Especially when I can get other people to make them up instead of me. =)

And Mike H perservered after quite awhile. I don’t know how you all have so much patience; I think I would just about scream after just 10 minutes:

FINALLY! 1 hour (over 2 days) I kept searching Eastern Romaina, near Onesti (with a long detour through Norman Oklahoma that I knew was flawed from the start). Once I backed off and looked for Hi-Res areas of Romania, I zoomed right in on the fort.

Hm… so it’s a fort? I had thought so but wasn’t sure.

Man, I have been getting zilch sleep lately. Two weekends ago, I was playing some friendly pickup hockey when I got checked in the ribs on accident. I got the wind knocked out and thought that was it, but then three days later my ribs really started to hurt. At first I thought I hairline fractured one of them or something, but now I think that I just strained some of the ligaments or something. Nevertheless, it is hell of hard to find a suitable position to sleep!

See you next week…

Solution to “Lisa Simpson”

2 Responses to “Solution: Lisa Simpson”

  1. Tim Joiner Says:

    Arrrggghhh!! My first failure since I started roogling. Kudos to those that solved this “gym” of a clue!

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    Tim - LOL! I knew this one would be tough. That is pretty amazing that you’ve gotten all the rest of them so far though!