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11/17/05 | 11:04 pm | Solution: Crossbones

We started out with quite a few solutions and then slowed down to almost none today. Bernd’s original word hints, by the way were: “Screw you Detroit, we’re no. 1″ which I had originally thought was some sort of Basketball thing (I only know hockey, and yes the Red Wings can suck me). This is what he says about them though:

By the way, my word clue has got nothing to do with sports. I just found out at Google that Camden was the most dangerous city in the U.S. a few years ago, taking the “title” from Detroit … guess i should have added this beforehand :)

which is actually pretty interesting. I had heard that Detroit was dangerous but I didn’t know it was the most dangerous. I always thought that might be my town, L.A.! Anyhow, here’s your solution…

Solution to “Crossbones”


About five minutes.

Mike B:

The clue is the slogan from Campbell’s soup, HQ in Camden, NJ. About 10 minutes, after a detour to Campbell, CA.

Mike H:

I love Google. I had no idea where Cambell Soup company was located, but 2 minutes, I had found the company Web site, mapped it, and backed off to look at street orientations. Finding some streets going the right direction allowed me to zero right in on the target.

BTW: If you’ve never had a brine soaked turkey, consider cooking one. I did the first time I cooked turkey and have done it every since. I love ‘em. HAve a good one.

Oh yeah… I am totally planning on doing the brine soaking thing for my first try. I have done brined roast chickens before with great success, and I know my parents have never done it before so I think they might like it. I taped Alton Brown’s Turkey special so that I can refer to it. I think I might have to go buy a container large enough to brine the turkey though!

Cheese said:

Nice puzzle and clue!

About 30 minutes.

Gave up on NJ after about 10 minutes and not finding. Tried Campbell, CA for awhile but the color was not right. Thought I’d try NJ again - and there it was in all its glory.


The Campbell’s Soup website didn’t make it obvious where their headquarters was, at least not right away. But then there it was: Camden, New Jersey. About 10 minutes.

Tim J:

Went to Campbell’s website, found out their corporate headquarters was in Camden NJ, googlemapped it and saw that the colors matched perfectly, then browsed for five minutes til the pirate flag showed up. Arrgggh, matey.

Richard K

Not too far from the soup company.

Judy B

I’ve been so busy I forgot to see if there was a new clue until this evening. <Note to self - must take vacation soon>. About two minutes. Mmm mmm fun!

Judy you should take a vacation soon. It is not good to put off vacations for so long, believe you me…


Good find.

Easy clue, tho. Took about 45 seconds after a quick trip to the Cambell’s soup site. Thanks as alwayys.

Mark L

About 20 seconds once I found out where Campball’s HQ was (Camden NJ)….. ya shudda went with the sports clue.

Man, both you guys are always speedsters! =) I will try get a more difficult one up the next time… And until next time, this is your friendly neighborhood Scavengeroogle Admin signing off. If I don’t get to talk to you until after the Turkey Days, hope you all have a nice one. I sure hope my turkey turns out because if not I might have to resort to buying a cooked turkey somewhere… either that or make some hamburgers!

Solution to “Crossbones”

4 Responses to “Solution: Crossbones”

  1. Mike H Says:

    Regarding “brining the turkey”. I use a large paint bucket (5 gal?) to hold it together but, I double bag the turkey is plastic trash bags. That takes less water and is a lot easier to deal with. Hardest part is finding room in the fridge for the bucket. Luckily I have a 2nd fridge. Good luck and enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    mike - thanks… yeah i was planning to head to home depot to pick up a clean bucket (i have a lot of them but they aren’t very sanitary). I’ve heard that it’s actually OK to brine the turkey in the bucket outside of the fridge as long as it is in a semi-cool place, because the salt water is a deterrent for bacteria and other nasties… i think this is my only option as I only have 1 fridge and it is tiny.

  3. cheddarhead4 Says:

    i got thrown off cause the mentioning of sports, i remembered a fairly famous soccer player namned campbell, then after i gave up on his stadium i found campbell university, then finally thought to go for the obvious, campbell hq. this whole process took me about 10 minutes. finding the stupid crossbones from campbell hq took another 20. It’s pretty far away. it’s South by south east of campbell HQ

  4. Sean Glickman Says:

    i found it! this is my first time on this site and i think i want to be apart of the community, it looks very challenging! WOW thats all i can say for all of you guys that find everything… Anyway it took me about 5 min to find the skull after all these hints, YES 5 min of searching Camden, nj. But its ok i will learn the trick of the trade from you guys.