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11/22/05 | 10:27 pm | Solution: Shark Jaws

The combination of the upcoming holiday and my extremely difficult first word hint conspired to make this clue have the least number of solutions as far back as I can remember since I reverted to 1 daily clue per week. The 2nd part of the hint of course is Bridgewater, NJ and it was quite possible to find the Shark Jaws just by figuring out that town.

However, I had decided to add another clue to help things which was supposed to be Six Mile Run - a Marathon divided by 4.3667. But this completely flopped. No one got this part. You lose some and win some I guess.

Solution to “Shark Jaws”

Tim J:

Ten minutes, looking around various “Bridgewaters” till I found Bridgewater, NJ with the perfect color match.


20 minutes…found bridgewater immediately, but was blind then…

Mike M

Took about 3 minutes. I figured out the first part of the clue (6 miles), but didn’t use it. From the color I new it was in NJ and deciphered the Bridgewater part. A little to the north, there it was.


The second part of the clue helps a lot…water after bridge = bridgewater

There are several cities/town in US. Google for bridgewater, nj and some business phone number start with (area code)595-…. Not sure whether this 595 is the answer for the first part of the clue (marathon distance is 26 miles, divided by 4.3667 and you’ll get 5.95)

Based on that I’m sure I got the right city (after 10 minutes)…but it took me forever to find the building =(


This was only my second roogle! I thought about it for ten minutes last night before falling asleep and the funny thing is I was closest to the answer on my first gut instinct. Should’ve listened then. I spent another 30-45 minutes tonight getting “herring”ed by the marathon clue. As soon as I went back to my first guess about bridgewater, I found it pretty quickly. It was like an early Christmas when I found it! Now that you have me hooked, I look forward to the next one.

I tell you what… that joy that you get from finding a tough roogle… that’s gold. And seeing both new and senior rooglers really enjoying the game is what keeps me writing up clues week after week. I’ve been a bit down regarding the site lately.

After our earlier successes with getting written up in Wired magazine and appearing on G4 TV, things have calmed down quite a bit. Site visitors have begun to drop off, and I’ve begun to question whether or not it is worth it. Granted, I never intended any more than a few people to play the game. It was just supposed to be a temporary diversion. The insanity of 3 clues a week due to the increased publicity was pretty insane, which is why I had to drop it to 1 a week.

I have this problem of not being able to write brief posts in general. I just can’t for some reason throw up any old clues left and right. I mean, I think I could change the format to just posting a pic and have people commenting on it if they find it… sort of like the other googlemap sites. But I feel like each clue means a lot, like I have some sort of investment in it. In the short term, Scavengeroogle has done fabulously not only because it was a great idea but because I think a lot of people noticed that I gave a damn about the clues. It’s easier to get emotionally attached to a particular blog when the writing is good and you can see that the person really cares about it. I this know from reading other people’s sites.

But in the long term, it’s very difficult to keep this kind of attention to a site up, especially when your financial situation is not exactly stellar. I guess we will have to see. I am still not 100% sure but it is looking more and more like by the end of this year I may just post clues whenever I have time instead of attempting to do the 1 clue a week thing. Once again, I know this shouldn’t be a big deal since I’m doing this for free, but still I feel bad about that.

I may take a break over a month or so in December to see if I can find some alternate options. In any case, I still do appreciate all the regulars who check into the site once in awhile, and the newcomers who take time out to write nice supportive emails. Ok, I will get off my moping horse right now… I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Solution to “Shark Jaws”

3 Responses to “Solution: Shark Jaws”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I know this is probably a stupid question… but, I have to ask it anyway… what was the 6 mile clue in reference to? I figured out right away the “6 mile” part of it, but even after solving the clue, I can’t figure out why that helps… I’m from a small town in the Midwest, so you’ll have to forgive me for being so dense. thanks, Lisa

  2. Scavengeroogle Says:

    lisa - The 6 miles is supposed to stand for “Six Mile Run”. There is a Six Mile Run State Park, if you go south of Bridgewater (right below Millstone). Don’t feel bad, apparently this was a very bad hint since no one who got the answer even used it! This happens every so often…

  3. Mark L Says:

    Didn’t see the open clue till Monday….. didn’t matter, I was completely stumped. I got the 6 mile part which did me no good….. did not get the “Bridgewater” part at all…… it’s so obvious now duh! Note to self: Mix and match all words in clue and google……

    But… Somehow I knew it was in Jersey before the region clue was dropped. I figured “Water after bridge” was in reference to NYC marathon runners getting water at the end of the race after crossing a bridge into New Jersey. So I was only looking in New Jersey close to where bridges crossed over from NYC. Kudos to all that got it …… Happy Turkey Day everyone!