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    Scavengeroogle is a scavenger hunt game where you use Google maps to find the location of a particular graphical clue. (see us in Wired Magazine)

12/13/05 | 4:09 pm | Scavengeroogle on Hiatus…

Hi there. You probably know me from such films as: “Where the Heck is my Daily Scavengeroogle Clue” and “How Come This Site Is Never Updated?”

Yep, Roogle Admin here. Sorry for the lack of clues or for that matter lack of any communication. And thank you to the several regular rooglers (tongue twister, ain’t it) who emailed in to ask if I was OK. I am.

Roogle, however, is not and has not been for awhile. I apologize. It had become difficult to spend time on, and when posting clues the past few times I just didn’t really feel my heart was that much in it.

No big deal though. We all understand how it is… blogs come and go and so do the readers. Rather than go into a long explanation, I think I’ll cut it short and just say that I’m going to archive the site permanently. It was really fun while it lasted back in the day, and it’s probably the closest I’ve come to internet fame and fortune. Well, not fortune, maybe just 5 min of fame on AOTS. Anyhow, thank you again for participating and for playing this silly time- wasting game called Scavengeroogle!

4 Responses to “Scavengeroogle on Hiatus…”

  1. Sean Glickman Says:

    lol dam, when i started to get interested into this site, it starts taking a break

  2. Jordan Says:

    You think we don’t check this site everyday?

    I’m glad you are ok.

    I’m looking forward to roogling again.

  3. Jon G Says:

    Yeah, I definitely check this site everyday as well.

    Maybe you could drop a hint every once in a while on the 2 open bounties to keep us going for the next month or so. It’s just a suggestion.

  4. Mike H Says:

    Have a great break!