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11/20/05 | 11:03 am | Shark Jaws

click to search using Google MapsHello there. I decided to launch a clue earlier since it’s a short week for most folks. Plus, I’m going to have my hands full discovering how to cook a turkey. Oh boy, fun. Anyhow, this clue will run Sunday-Tuesday.

I remember seeing the movie “Jaws” when it first came out. I don’t know about you, but for a long time after that I was pretty terrified about any kind of deep water. It didn’t really matter if it was a neighbor’s pool or not! I would imagine Jaws coming up from the deep end of the pool and biting my leg as I tried to get out of the pool.

Roogler Andrew has reminded me of my old fears by sending in this interesting set of buildings shaped like Shark Jaws. It’s either that or some kind of hybrid metal mouth Pac-man. I wouldn’t want to get near those choppers.

This is barely visible at 14/18, but 15/18 seems to be a better bet. It’s interesting, around 15/18 magnification seems to be about the optimum distance for most of our clues lately. I think because they’re often buildings and most buildings aren’t large enough to be seen reliably higher than 15.

We’ve had a few easier word hints recently. I think I made some that are a bit harder, though can’t be sure. I definitely know that there are a few red herrings with both parts of the hints below. Witness the following:

“Marathon divided by 4.3667. Water after the bridge.”

But I have been wrong before about clues being difficult. I always underestimate you Rooglers! I’ll probably drop a general region with this one regardless of solutions. Well, hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with all the fixings!

[Edit: Mon 9:55 a.m PST - Interesting, of the 3 sols so far, no one used the first part of the clue at all…]

[Edit: Mon 8:25 pm PST - Tough hints, as I thought. I guess I will give a region hint: Northeast U.S. I don’t know if the marathon clue makes any sense after reading it through again. Ignore it if you want. ]

Clue Name : “Shark Jaws”
Submitted by: Andrew
Status : Solved (5)
Duration: Sun 11/20/05 - Tue 11/22/05

Solved By: Tim J, Bernd, Mike M, Lisa, Bakpaulilin

Word Hints : “Marathon divided by 4.3667. Water after the bridge.”
Magnification Needed: 15/18

SOLUTION TO “Shark Jaws”

11/16/05 | 10:32 am | Crossbones

click to search using Google MapsYo ho ho, and a bottle of rum. My favorite ride at Disneyland in California when I was a kid was Pirates of the Caribbean where you’d float on this boat through a bunch of politically incorrect animatronic pirates. One of the things I remember is that before your boat goes down this waterslide into the dark, there’s like this Skull and Crossbones talking at you.

Roogler Bernd seems to have found a pretty good likeness of the crossbones in these buildings. It’s fairly large, but because it blends in sort of with the background I wouldn’t look for it at anything farther up than 15/18 unless you’ve got extremely sharp eyes.

I think the word hints Bernd sent in have something to do w/ sports which is not my forte, so I’ve come up with a new hint that may or may not be too simple. At this point, my brain is a little too fuzzy to care, so here you go:

“Mmm Mmm Good”

And now, it’s back to this cup of coffee which is the only thing keeping me from falling asleep at the keyboard. I’ll let the clue run till Thursday night or so. So what’s everyone’s plans for Turkey Day? I have decided to take on the scary job of cooking the turkey! A passing of the torch, if you will, since my parents have done it for the last 30 something years… I’m not sure if we’ll have a clue next week due to everyone being on holiday but we’ll see!

[Edit: Wed 5:23 pm PST - A wee hint before I head off to eat. This is NOT in California…]

[Edit: Thu 8:29 am PST - We’re doin’ pretty well, I think this clue might have been too easy for some… also, Bernd tells me that his original word hint had nothing to do w/ sports so perhaps I should have used that instead. I’ll give it in the solution.]

Clue Name : “Crossbones”
Submitted by: Bernd
Status : Solved (11)
Duration: Wed 11/16/05 - Thu 11/17/05

Solved By: Bryan, Mike B, Jon G, Mike H, Cheese, Bryant, Tim J, Judy B, Shawn, Mark L, Richard K

Word Hints : “Mmm Mmm Good”
Magnification Needed: 15/18

SOLUTION TO “Crossbones”

11/7/05 | 10:20 pm | Mercury Space Capsule

click to search using Google MapsHow’s it goin’ Rooglers! Me, I’ve been better. Been dealing with this bruised rib of mine that still feels like it’s broken or something. People ask me, “How’s your ribs?” and I feel like I’m at Tony Roma’s. A-ha ha.

Whew, anyway after last week’s tougher clue, I’m jonesing for an easier one. To get to the point, this clue which looks like a space capsule was sent in by another mysterioso person named “Muddyboots”. It’s sort of funny when people send in submissions under weird names, but it does make it easier keeping track of all of you!

Muddy said that it reminded him/her of the Mercury Space Capsule so that’s the name of this clue. It’s pretty well visible, so I’m thinking this will be easy to spot even though the magnification requried is 15/18.

And now, the moment of truth. Make-or-break time for the clue. I think this one will be a little easier. Maybe even easy-peasy:

“Belt Weigh”

Truthfully, I am out of practice making up word hints. There were some word hints sent in with the clue, but I wouldn’t be the Scavengeroogle Admin if I didn’t stupidly throw them out like I am right now. Region drop may be possible with this one. Huh, what’s that? Newer players may not even remember that we sometimes give out the general area as a 2nd hint after some time has passed. I haven’t given one out in a long time, because I haven’t had to. We shall see I guess…

[Edit: 10:20 pm PST Mon - Oops I hit “publish” instead of “save”. I guess you’ll be getting the clue a little early…]

[Edit: 10:15 am PST Tue - We seem to be doing fine with this one, so no region drop for ya…]

Clue Name : “Mercury Space Capsule”
Submitted by: Muddyboots
Status : Solved (15)
Duration: Tues 11/8/05 - Wed 11/9/05

Solved By: Jordan, Ken S, Mike B, Mike M, Bernd, Judy B, Jon G, Mark L, Bakpaulilin, Justin, Tim J, Katie N, Richard K, Dan M, Jen S

Word Hints : “Belt Weigh”
Magnification Needed: 15/18

SOLUTION TO “Mercury Space Capsule”

11/1/05 | 1:39 pm | Lisa Simpson

click to search using Google MapsHappy post-Halloween to you all! We received not ONE trick or treater to our house Monday night. Weird, has the allure of free candy been lost on today’s youth? Well, more candy bars for me.

Anyhow, I’ve wanted to use this clue sent in by Ananth R. for about a month now, but just got around to it now. Ananth did a bang-up job providing multiple angles on the word hints too, so it’s time we brought it out. Ananth says the clue sort of looks like the “invincibility star” from Super Mario Bros.. I thought so too, but when I first saw it I only thought one thing: Lisa Simpson! Someone seems to have made a shrine to our favourite saxophone playing environmentalist do-gooder.

Lisa Simpson can be seen reasonably well at 14/18 magnification. As for word hints, as I said Ananth had more than a few well thought out ones. Here is one of them:

“No idea? Come and teach gymnastics”

Man, I really like this pun, er… one. After last week’s easier clue, I think I will leave it at that for now and see if any solutions come in first. We haven’t had a region drop for a clue in awhile, they haven’t really been necessary. I’m not sure if I’ll be ABLE to give a region drop for this one though without giving it away. I guess we will see!

(By the way, if I haven’t used your clue(s) that you sent in sorry about that. It has something to do with me being the pickiest sonofabitch about these clues. A big thank you to those who send in clues though, whether they are used or not.)

[Edit: 9:55 am PST Wed - This one seems to be a toughie, so I’m going to start off additional hints by saying the clue is International. Also, remember that at Scavengeroogle as a rule we pretty much like to stick with areas that are mapped in Hi-Res…]

Clue Name : “Lisa Simpson”
Submitted by: Ananth R.
Status : Solved (7)
Duration: Tues 11/1/05 - Wed 11/2/05

Solved By: Jen S, Bernd, Mike B, Vic W, Mark L, Judy B, Mike H

Word Hints : “No idea? Come and teach gymnastics”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Lisa Simpson”

10/11/05 | 2:16 pm | Backwards S

click to search using Google MapsI have been slacking when it comes to clues and bounties, sorry. I decided to launch this one now rather than wait until tomorrow, so this’ll be a day and half long clue.

This interesting looking building is shaped just like a “Backwards S”. Or if you’re feeling imaginative it could be a worm or caterpillar. This is the point in the story where I tell you all about my friend in high school who had a rather disturbing experience regarding worms and a certain Mr. Goodbar. Oh, The Horror - I’ll stop right there.

The Backwards S was submitted by Dan M quite awhile back but I decided not to use it now. It’s quite visible at 15/18. Dan had some word hints that I thought were OK but they seemed sort of difficult as you had to make numerous connections. So I’ve modified them. It is interesting to me how people come up with word hints; I have had these truly amazing hints submitted for clues that I haven’t used because no matter how wonderful and convoluted they are, there’s no way that most people would be able to solve it.

It’s sort of weird, when coming up with word hints you really have to think “how MOST people will think” with a big emphasis on the word MOST. We’re shooting for averages here, and having only 1 person solve it is pretty much no good (and actually should be reserved for bounties). On the other hand, making it too easy and having 50 solutions will get boring really quick. It’s darn difficult, and in fact for me it’s definitely the most difficult part of the game. And on the flip side, I often tend to make the clues WORSE by trying to fix them. I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. At the end of the day, though, I guess it’s just a game…

Well, enough chitchat. The word hints are:

“We Got Trouble with O’Leary”

See you soon…

[Edit: 11:15 pm PDT Tue - Whoops sorry, I just realized I hadn’t updated here all day. I have taken up playing tennis at night, yep the real kind where you physically run around and hit the ball. I decided I needed more exercise. So far, it is rough going especially with me being only 5 foot 4 inches tall. I need to learn how to spin serve, I think, or whatever that is called. Oh, so we are doing OK with this clue for now so I won’t drop a region for now…]

[Edit: 9:30 am PDT Wed - Hello fellows. And fellowettes. Good number of solutions coming in, with most Rooglers getting it in less than 5 minutes. By the way, I’m going to be out on a mini-vacation, if you could call it that. How can I afford this? Well, the parents are footing the bill. Heading up to Mammoth/Yosemite area this Friday for about 4 days. So I may not get a daily clue up next week until Thursday or Friday…]

Clue Name : “Backwards S”
Submitted by: Dan M
Status : Solved (20)
Duration: Tues 10/11/05 - Wed 10/12/05

Solved By: Cheese, Heather G, Richard K, Katie N, Tim J, Jason Y, Paul H, Bernd, Jerry R, Mike B, Mike M, Shawn D, Jon G, Wilmore, Judy B, Mike H, Mark L, Citizen, Bryant, David H

Word Hints : “We Got Trouble with O’Leary”
Magnification Needed: 15/18

SOLUTION TO “Backwards S”

10/5/05 | 12:01 am | Turquoise Turtle

click to search using Google MapsGabba gabba hey. And all of that jazz. You are, of course, looking for this week’s daily clue. Ah yeah, I find it kind of funny that I’ve given them the name “Daily clue” when they are not every day an as of a little while ago take two days instead of one. Oh wells.

But anyhow, here you have a Turquoise Turtle clue for your Roogling pleasure. The mysteriously named Artvandalay was the person who sent in this clue… isn’t that some sort of Seinfeld reference? All I know is my friend who loved Seinfeld used to sign into instant messenger with that handle. The turtle has his head to the southwest and is composed of what looks like a cluster of blue buildings. Hm… I guess Super Magic Crunchy Bonus Points are in effect - what exactly are those buildings? They are available at 15/18, by the way.

Ok, off you go on your scavenger hunt. Oh wait, the word hints. Uh, uhm…

“Lyons and Tigers, Oh Mi”

I have completely stitched up the word hints in the usual evil herringbone way. This is a 2 day clue again, so I’ll check in from time to time… probably drop hints along the way.

Say, anyone know good non-prescription drug remedies for better sleep? Like Kava-Kava and that kinda stuff. I have been having problems getting continuous sleep lately but I don’t want to take anything that’ll put me out of commission the next day. Also, I didn’t want to drink any al-key-hol - though I know that definitely works on me! =)

[Edit: 10:03 am PDT Wed - Good morning everyone (or afternoon for some). Seem to be doing OK with this clue for now. I will just say that there are herrings to be waded through for this clue, but you are probably on the right track if you press on and go through all of them.]

[Edit: 11:00 pm PDT Wed - Hi there, or good evening. There were a good amount of solutions. However, I know quite a few rooglers were tearing their hair out at the multiplicity of herrings so I thusly will attempt to eliminate a few. In lieu of a region hint, here is a negative-region hint: Not in Ohio. I knew that some would try there because of “Oh”. That is correct, the turtle is not in Ohio. Hope that helps, see you tomorrow!]

[Edit: 1:45 pm PDT Thu - Not much to report today. Except this - I just discovered that last week a 90 million dollar California lottery ticket was purchased at a 7-11 that I go to some of the time, very close to my house. *Kicks Self For Not Buying Lottery Ticket This Past Week*]

Clue Name : “Turquoise Turtle”
Submitted by: Artvandalay
Status : Solved (13)
Duration: Wed 10/5/05 - Thurs 10/6/05

Solved By: Mike M, Dan M, Shawn D, Jon G, Ol, Jason Y, Vic W, Mike B, Heather G, Sara D, Mark L, Tim J, Justin

Word Hints : “Lyons and Tigers, Oh Mi”
Magnification Needed: 15/18

SOLUTION TO “Turquoise Turtle”

9/27/05 | 11:14 am | PSP Pool

click to search using Google MapsHey there. Hi there. Ho there. I was going to launch this clue tomorrow but decided to just make it a two day affair that launched a little late for today. This looks sort of like one of them new-fangled PSP game things turned counterclockwise 45 degrees or so. It looks like a pool to me, but I’m not too sure… My brother has a PSP so I’ve seen it in action before, pretty neat. But I don’t think I could justify buying one!

The clue was sent in by “Bill”, once again no last name or initial. I have a feeling this won’t be too tough for some, but that’s OK because our last one was a bit harder. But I might need to drop a region though, to clear up the many, many fat herrings that are possible. I thought about the word clues for a long, long time since there were none sent in (note: if you make up a good word hints, I’m probably more likely to use the clue you sent in because it takes me ages with my slow brain to come up with them). Anyhow, here you go:

“A Story About Greece”

I actually need to go back to sleep right now. Near lunchtime, for gosh sakes. I have not been sleeping very well lately, not sure what it is. I think I might need to take some vitamins or whatever but maybe that’s just the hypochondriac in me talking. See you in a bit!

[Edit: 10:00 am Wed PDT - Sorry I didn’t get to update much yesterday. We are doing pretty well with this one. The word hints, once figured out, usually lead to a quick solution. So I will just say for now: East Coast U.S.]

Clue Name : “PSP Pool”
Submitted by: Bill
Status : Solved (12)
Duration: Tues 9/27/05 - Wed 9/28/05

Solved By: Chorbansi, Ananth R, Judy B, Mike B, Citizen, Shawn D, Bernd, Tim J, Jen S, Aaron B, David H, Chris

Word Hints : “A Story About Greece”
Magnification Needed: 15/18


8/26/05 | 12:45 am | Butterfly Building

click to search using Google MapsEr, hello again. What’s this… more than one clue launched in a week you say? The sky must be falling. Well, Scavengeroogle was recently featured on TV! They did a short 5 minute feature on G4’s Attack of the Show (Sarah’s Damn Good Websites) so I figured I should probably put up a clue today so new players coming in have something to try out. (BTW, if you are new to playing, you might want to check out the FAQ first)

Actually, I got a whole boatload of excellent clue submissions from Aaron B. the other day (who thoughtfully provided word hints with each one) and I decided to start going through them. Up on tap today: turn your head 45 degrees to the right and you’ll be able to see these Butterfly Buildings a little more easily. We seem to like insect based clues a lot (previous ones include Metal Moths and Bug Hunt).

The butterfly is available at a 14/18 magnification or so, pretty far out. As for word hints, like I said Aaron has provided some which I haven’t really altered too much. Let’s see how it goes with:

“Sullivan’s Pal in the Desert”

Whah? Yeah. I think I will drop a region clue as soon as I get up in the morning if there are no solutions in. Hey guess what, I’ve been conscripted to do some more painting at my folks’ house. Hooray… well, this means I’ll be checking in periodically only. So don’t worry if you don’t see the “Pending Solutions” incrementing. Ok, have a good weekend…

[Edit: 9:45 am PDT - Urgh, I just got up. Couldn’t go to sleep till about 4 am. Anyhow, I woke up and there was like a billion emails in my mailbox. The clue and word hints seem to be doing well (lots of fast solutions) but I think I will still give a general region for those first time players: Southwest U.S. It’s off to painting for me, see you after lunch!]

[Edit: 7:56 pm PDT - Sorry no updates all day. Just finished painting awhile back. The fumes were amazing, and not in any good way. So anyhow I’m happy to report quite a few solutions to thee butterflies. I gotta close down this one in a few hours so I can write up the solution and go to sleep. Hope to be back with some new stuff early next week…]

Clue Name : “Butterfly Building”
Submitted by: Aaron B.
Status : Solved (24)
Duration: Friday 8/26/05

Solved By: Jordan, Pete B, Jerry R, David H, Kyle L, Mike T, Ryan F, Judy B, Mike B, Shawn D, Amy M, Bernd, Mike M, Chorbansi, Tim J, Richard K, The Beamer, Sara D, Mark L, Moose, Jeff H, Brian J, Katie N, David M

Word Hints : “Sullivan’s Pal in the Desert”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Butterfly Building”

8/18/05 | 12:01 am | Darth Vader

click to search using Google MapsNow turn your head 90 degrees clockwise and you’ll see what Citizen of Trantor sent in as a clue the other day. Yes, the prime heavy breather from the 70s himself - Darth Vader. Or, as I like to abbreviate him as - DV.

I think good ‘ol DV has donned some funny looking spectacles or something over his helmet. Maybe they’re to increase his Schwartz, haha. He also looks remarkably like an octopus with some missing tentacles.

Whatever he is, you can see him at 14/18 magnification, maybe even higher up if you’ve got eagle eyes. I have as usual, in my nefarious ways, roogle-mangled the good Citizen’s word hints to suit my own dastardly ends. And therefore you shall feel the wrath of the following:

“100 Years of Blue Jays”

That is all. A region may or may not be dropped. And if you should see Princess Leia tell her that she’s scheduled for, erm… detention in cell block SCAV-1. Rooglers, May the Schwartz be with you…

[Edit: 9:44 am PDT - We seem to be doing pretty well with Lord Vader so I’ll hold off on any more hints for now!]

[Edit: 2:35 pm PDT - Darnit. I am already half a “Mac” person but this latest “windows update” fiasco that I just had is pushing me closer and closer to abandoning PCs altogether. The computer just keeps restarting over and over and all I did was a Windows Update. It was completely 100% fine until I did the update. Sheesh. As such, expect many delays over next couple of days as I try and recover the crap off that computer.]

Clue Name : “Darth Vader”
Submitted by: Citizen of Trantor
Status : Solved (18)
Duration: Thursday 8/18/05

Solved By: Markus B, Antti L, Janne K, Jerry R, Mike B, Mark L, Tina, Jon G, Trecherus, Mike K, Steve M, Aaron B, Other Chris R, Tim R, Dan M, Justin, Tim J, Cindy B

Word Hints : “100 Years of Blue Jays”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Darth Vader”

8/10/05 | 12:01 am | Beep Bop

click to search using Google MapsHey there… haven’t heard from me for awhile right? I had an extremely tough weekend… someone fairly close to me passed away on Sunday after battling sickness for a long time. It was really tough. Anyhow, that’s why I’ve been out for awhile, I just needed a bit of time.

So, this find is by me. It is the letters BP in building-ese. I couldn’t think of a snappy title so I’ve just called it Beep Bop for now. Oh, I guess that should be Be Bop actually. I just felt like injecting some roboticism into it. Robot Jazz.

Actually, the letters BP sort of remind me of the gas station chain British Petrol. At least I think it’s called British Petrol. On some long trips in California, I remember encountering stations with those letters once in awhile. It was up there in big green letters: BP. I thought I remember they were only way out in the boonies though…

You can see the letters BP from 15/18. The “P” is actually most visible because it is a bright blue. The B is actually not visible until you get into about 16/18. The word hints are a combination of me trying to be too clever and it being really hot out and me thusly nearly fainting in the heat. It goes like this:

“Lean the Bag over Der, Dad”

Easy, right? I know it will be for some of you Zen Rooglers. But hmm… is that herring soup I smell? Well you shall have a region hint soon enough, I thinks… good luck!

[Edit: 9:30 am PDT - Hey there, I think I will drop a hint quickly to start. The region is actually in the U.S. That’s right. What’s more, I was informed by Mark L that there is a near exact DUPLICATE of the clue nearby. Amazing really… it even fits the word clues. So because of this oversight by me, I will take solutions to either one. I actually would really like to know what this (these) buildings are as well… can it be coincidence that the buildings and driveway in front look identical?]

[Edit: 2:06 pm PDT - Ok, so here’s a bit of a clue. Try and rearrange the words in the word hint…]

[Edit: 6:43 pm PDT - Last clue for tonight, a direct one: Texas. Yes, we are in Texas AGAIN…]

[Edit: 11:26 pm PDT - Darn email is down so I can’t tell exactly how many have solved, it is over 9 people though. Also, all the solutions are in the email so that post will be coming tomorrow.]

[Edit: 10:00 am PDT (next day) - OK, I got all your names down finally… solution page up soon]

Clue Name : “Beep Bop”
Submitted by: Scavengeroogle Admin
Status : Solved (15)
Duration: Wednesday 8/10/05

Solved By: Judy B, Mark L, Jon G, Moose, Richard K, David H, Mike B, Chorbansi, Tim J, Bryce H, Aaron B, Vlado K, Astro T, Matty L, Trecherus

Word Hints : “Lean the Bag over Der, Dad”
Magnification Needed: 15/18


8/3/05 | 12:01 am | Metal Moths

click to search using Google MapsMy, my, the clues will fly. Hello there. I got this cool find from Judy B. of what looks like two moths in flight. Obviously, they are buildings of some sort but the resemblance is pretty cool. Well, they could also be alien spacecraft… but of course we all know there’s no such thing as UFOs right? Sorry, that was the government agent in me speaking…

Anyhow, the mothies are visible at a fairly respectable 14/18. You should be able to see them flutter from high up on your scavengeroogle viewing port. I have decided to mangle Judy’s clues a bit. Here you go:

“Patton Lucks Out”

I have a feeling that there may be some who don’t have any trouble at all with the clues, but I am prepared to region drop if need be! Until later on: May all your clues be live and your roogle solutions be monstrous!

[Edit: 10:10 am PDT - How’s it going? A few solutions so far, so I will wait a couple more hours b4 considering a region…]

[Edit: 12:34 pm PDT - OK, I’ll start off with a very general region clue, actually a region exclusion. The Metal Moths are NOT located in the U.S.A. That should start the ball rolling for some…]

[Edit: 12:51 pm PDT - I see a lot of people coming here from I-Am-Bored and MetaFilter … if this is you, hello and welcome to ‘Roogle central! Take a look around at some of the past clues and submit some of your own if you get a chance.]

[Edit: 6:10 pm PDT - OK, one last clue for this one: Near Belgium…]

Clue Name : “Metal Moths”
Submitted by: Judy B.
Status : Solved (10)
Duration: Wednesday 8/02/05

Solved By: Tom, David H, Mark L, Adam M, Chorbansi, Chris Re, Citizen, Moose, OtherChris, Tim J

Word Clues : “Patton Lucks Out”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Metal Moths”

7/27/05 | 12:01 am | Tank Turret

click to search using Google MapsWhat is new, ‘rooglefolk? I am sleepy. A quick clue then, before I head off to bed (or get up from bed depending on when this gets launched).

‘Roogle me this… I found this kind of neat looking tank turret thingy while wandering the google map wilds. Actually, now that I look at it, it’s not so much a traditional tank turret than some futuristic turret shooting out a laser beam. Yeah, that’s it.

The turret is available pretty far out, at 14/18. It is a fairly large thing, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that laser beam. For a clue, racking my brain only gets you:

“Chocolayte Empire”

And no… NOTHING to do with Willy Wonky. Get all wonky thoughts of that out of your head. Although, I did like the original Oompa Loompas. Especially their hot, hot song that goes, “Oompa Loompa Doobidie Doo”. I didn’t see the movie remake yet, should I? I heard it’s pretty good.

Ok, to bed… to bed with me. See you in the morning!

[Edit: 9:32 am PDT - A quickie region drop: Northern U.S.]

[Edit: 12:55 pm PDT - No takers? Ok, then: Michigan]

[Edit: 3:45 pm PDT - Whew, the going is slow today. Er, I’m not sure what other clues to drop here. I’ll just say try looking around Michigan in either Street Map or Hybrid mode first before diving into searching the satellite map squares…]

Clue Name : “Tank Turret”
Submitted by: Scavengeroogle Admin
Status : Solved (11)
Duration: Wednesday 7/27/05

Solved By: Jon G, OtherChris, Chris Re, Mark L, Tim J, Phil D, Jason Y, Michael H, Aaron F, Justin, Markus B

Word Clues : “Chocolayte Empire”
Magnification Needed: 15/18

SOLUTION TO “Tank Turret”