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4/28/05 | 2:11 pm | Not The RED Button!

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What, 3 clues in a day? Well, I wanted to experiment with something, so here you go!

So, the experiment is… I am testing out a new way of doing “Pending Solutions”. Instead of just taking the first five solutions, I am going to take ALL correct solutions sent in before a given deadline. Note that I am on Pacific Time (PDT?). If I get too many, as in hundreds, I am going to have to not write them all down. I’m just testing this out to see if we can give more people an opportunity to solve the clues while still rewarding the “first” people to solve it…

The Deadline for this clue is: Today (Thurs) 9:00 p.m. PDT

Haha, I sort of picture the scenario for this clue as a top secret government bunker hidden in the woods. Noobie Worker, who has just been transfered here as punishment, has wandered into the top secret control room. Fat Lazy Armchair General, looking to show Noobie Worker a good time, gestures to the control panel of thousands of buttons and says “I bet you can’t tell me which of these buttons launches our New-Fangled Missile Interceptor.” Noobie Worker, who watches too much Looney Toones, immediately reaches over Fat Lazy Armchair General and slams the Big Red Button marked “Do Not Press”. And Fat Lazy Armchair General screams, “Not The RED Button…!”


Hurhhh, huhhr… sometimes I funny. Anyhow, this looks to be a google defect, though Josh H. doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being either a smoke cloud or fire. What do you think it is? Your word clue, if you should choose to accept this mission, is “Custer’s ghost roaming the highway”. I’ve omitted an important item in Josh’s original word clue… the number of the highway. I may or may not be giving that away later on, should it prove too difficult…

[Edit: *Ding* Two hours have passed so I feel obliged to offer up the magic number: HWY 16. Don’t get yer hopes up though… there’s a LOT of HWY 16]

Clue Name : Not The RED Button
Submitted by: Josh H.
Status : Solved
Duration : 2:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. PDT

First Solved By: Curt M., Charlie E., Jason C., James C.
Solved After 2nd Clue: Amanda, Justin, Jon, Rich T., Robert M., Chris C., Kyle M., Tony A., Jared R., Shawn D., Michael J., Mike S.

Word Clues : “Custer’s ghost roaming the highway”
Magnification Needed: 13/15
Difficulty : 5/10

SOLUTION TO “Not The RED Button”

4/26/05 | 10:21 am | Giant Spark

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I’ve seen a number of these weird “google defects” when surfing around. I’m not sure if this is some sort of problem with the satellite transmission, google’s stiching algorithm, or an honest to goodness reflection of sunlight. It’s interesting in that it’s in the shape of a cross almost… anyone know what can cause that? This was submitted by Alex P. who was going to give you the super ambiguous word clue of “Canada Suburbs”, but I thought that would probably be a little too hard, so I’ll give you an additional hint of “Longueuil”… rolls right off the tongue, don’t it. Longueuil Tongue. Har…

In any case, I’m not going to post too many of these google defects because chances are, they’ll go away when google gets new satellite maps and then I’ll be left with a bunch of clues that can’t be found! And that would net me a lot of angry emails…

Clue Name : Giant Spark
Submitted by: Alex P.
Status : Solved
First Solved By : Colin P., Jason C., Dan S., Shawn D., Excelsior

Word Clues : “Longueuil”
Magnification Needed: 12/15
Difficulty : 5/10

SOLUTION TO “Giant Spark”