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8/18/05 | 12:01 am | Darth Vader

click to search using Google MapsNow turn your head 90 degrees clockwise and you’ll see what Citizen of Trantor sent in as a clue the other day. Yes, the prime heavy breather from the 70s himself - Darth Vader. Or, as I like to abbreviate him as - DV.

I think good ‘ol DV has donned some funny looking spectacles or something over his helmet. Maybe they’re to increase his Schwartz, haha. He also looks remarkably like an octopus with some missing tentacles.

Whatever he is, you can see him at 14/18 magnification, maybe even higher up if you’ve got eagle eyes. I have as usual, in my nefarious ways, roogle-mangled the good Citizen’s word hints to suit my own dastardly ends. And therefore you shall feel the wrath of the following:

“100 Years of Blue Jays”

That is all. A region may or may not be dropped. And if you should see Princess Leia tell her that she’s scheduled for, erm… detention in cell block SCAV-1. Rooglers, May the Schwartz be with you…

[Edit: 9:44 am PDT - We seem to be doing pretty well with Lord Vader so I’ll hold off on any more hints for now!]

[Edit: 2:35 pm PDT - Darnit. I am already half a “Mac” person but this latest “windows update” fiasco that I just had is pushing me closer and closer to abandoning PCs altogether. The computer just keeps restarting over and over and all I did was a Windows Update. It was completely 100% fine until I did the update. Sheesh. As such, expect many delays over next couple of days as I try and recover the crap off that computer.]

Clue Name : “Darth Vader”
Submitted by: Citizen of Trantor
Status : Solved (18)
Duration: Thursday 8/18/05

Solved By: Markus B, Antti L, Janne K, Jerry R, Mike B, Mark L, Tina, Jon G, Trecherus, Mike K, Steve M, Aaron B, Other Chris R, Tim R, Dan M, Justin, Tim J, Cindy B

Word Hints : “100 Years of Blue Jays”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Darth Vader”

8/3/05 | 12:01 am | Metal Moths

click to search using Google MapsMy, my, the clues will fly. Hello there. I got this cool find from Judy B. of what looks like two moths in flight. Obviously, they are buildings of some sort but the resemblance is pretty cool. Well, they could also be alien spacecraft… but of course we all know there’s no such thing as UFOs right? Sorry, that was the government agent in me speaking…

Anyhow, the mothies are visible at a fairly respectable 14/18. You should be able to see them flutter from high up on your scavengeroogle viewing port. I have decided to mangle Judy’s clues a bit. Here you go:

“Patton Lucks Out”

I have a feeling that there may be some who don’t have any trouble at all with the clues, but I am prepared to region drop if need be! Until later on: May all your clues be live and your roogle solutions be monstrous!

[Edit: 10:10 am PDT - How’s it going? A few solutions so far, so I will wait a couple more hours b4 considering a region…]

[Edit: 12:34 pm PDT - OK, I’ll start off with a very general region clue, actually a region exclusion. The Metal Moths are NOT located in the U.S.A. That should start the ball rolling for some…]

[Edit: 12:51 pm PDT - I see a lot of people coming here from I-Am-Bored and MetaFilter … if this is you, hello and welcome to ‘Roogle central! Take a look around at some of the past clues and submit some of your own if you get a chance.]

[Edit: 6:10 pm PDT - OK, one last clue for this one: Near Belgium…]

Clue Name : “Metal Moths”
Submitted by: Judy B.
Status : Solved (10)
Duration: Wednesday 8/02/05

Solved By: Tom, David H, Mark L, Adam M, Chorbansi, Chris Re, Citizen, Moose, OtherChris, Tim J

Word Clues : “Patton Lucks Out”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Metal Moths”

7/25/05 | 12:01 am | Sea Snake

click to search using Google MapsHey. Welcome to another wild week at Scavengeroogle. Yes, I will be working on getting more bounties up soon. And thank you for your submissions, whether I use them or not…

Anyhow, this clue comes from the slightly mysterious Kilovh (is that kilovolt-hours?) . He has named it “Sea Snake” because it is some sort of green path that resembles the curls of a snake (the head is at the bottom). The contrast on this is kinda dim so you may have to squint a bit. I thought that nearly as interesting as the snake feature was the prominent geometric circular pattern near the top though.

You might notice this clue pic is rotated, I decided to make it variable… because sometimes the pieces I’d like to show are easier to show when the picture is vertical.

The sea snake is visible from about 15/18 out, possibly at 14/18. So… the infamous and dangerous word clues (courtesy of Kilovh):

“Olive Plum Place”

And no… nothing to do with Melrose Place. Yeah, I know you watched that show.

We haven’t done region drops in awhile… I think due in some part because we’ve gotten closer to our pursuit of the perfect AVERAGE clue. But anyway, I always check in at least once a day during the clue duration. So if it comes to it, I’ll let fly with one. Have fun ‘roogling!

[Edit: 9:30 am PDT - I am bit stunned that no one has solved this one… at first I was wondering if it had actually “launched” or not. Maybe I should have made it a “bounty”! Well, let’s start off regioning by announcing that this is NOT in the US…]

[Edit: 11:52 am PDT - Hm.. very weird. I think my email may have been on the blink for the past 1/2 day or so. So if you sent in the solution to the clue earlier (Mark L, Mike B: I got yours), could you please send it again? This might explain the lack of solutions.]

[Edit: 1:20 pm PDT - Wow, still nothing. Ok, let’s break it down some more: Thailand]

Clue Name : “Sea Snake”
Submitted by: Kilovh
Status : Solved (10)
Duration: Monday 7/25/05

Solved By: Mark L, Mike B, Tim J, Markus B, Richard K, Chorbansi, Peter M, David H, Don R, Vlado K.

Word Clues : “Olive Plum Place”
Magnification Needed: 15/18


7/1/05 | 9:00 am | Googly Eyes

click to search using Google MapsAh, fun and joyous Friday. Going into a longer weekend, hope you are all gearing up for fun times and fireworks. The emoticon guy in this photo sure doesn’t look ready for a fourth of july though. He looks surprised, and his mouth is giving us the old “meh” treatment. Someone cheer him up, please. Maybe by finding him in the googlemap and bringing him along to your BBQ!

So anyhow, remember this is our last “scheduled” clue. From now on (until I decide on the mailing list) you’ll have to come check the site to see if a new clue has been put up. I still think it will be better all around. In particular, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you roogling here who otherwise would be at work or busy (or asleep) during the normal clue time.

Anyhow, for word clues… I made this one up myself. Checked it a few times, did a refind. I think it may be of average difficulty. We shall see. Mr. Googly Eyes is visible from quite far out, which should ease scavengeroogling a bit. You can see him at 14/18, barely. OK, here you go:

“MU football, foot only”

What? Yeah… now go out there and make me proud. Don’t do it for me, do it for the Gipper. A Scavengeroogle in the hand is worth two in the bush. And so forth. Look for a region drop if there is difficulty… Happy 4th!

[Edit: 9:45 PDT - My email was down so I thought that when it became available there would be solutions waiting. Instead, not a one! You must all be on vacay by now. In any case, region drop: England]

[Edit: 10:30 PDT - I just discovered my farking email was backed up until now… which is why I didn’t get any solutions. Remember, I have to update by hand.]

Clue Name : “Googly Eyes”
Submitted by: Scavengeroogle Admin
Status : Solved (15)
Duration: Fri 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Don R, Richard J, Chris K, Justin, Andy K, Jason C, Jon G, Ken S, Adam M, Moose, Mike M,J P, Mike B, Judy B, Golux13

Word Clues : “MU football, foot only”
Magnification Needed: 14/18

SOLUTION TO “Googly Eyes”

6/27/05 | 9:00 am | Asian Writing

click to search using Google MapsOk, this is going to be a bit of an experiment… you can probably tell just from a quick glance at the clue that this isn’t going to be in the U.S. I was sent an international clue by Pak W the other day. But I did a little scavengeroogling nearby and found this one that I thought was even better! However, I liked his word clue so I’ll be using it for this clue.

I am hoping that no one has already found this one. It is becoming more and more difficult to tell as new google sightseeing sites pop up and older ones stock up on locations. Sometimes I find our older clues on these sites, especially “writing” ones like this. This clue is an asian language character repeated twice on what looks like two cylinders. I actually know what this character stands for, so that will probably be a secondary drop in case people have problems.

The clue is not visible extremely far out, probably 15/18 or so. The word clues that Pak sent in are:

“Fragrant Harbour”

So, I am trying to figure out what level of region to drop, like how detailed to get. I’ve already basically told you it’s not in the U.S. but we shall see what additional clues are needed…

[Edit: 10:15 PDT - We seem to be doing OK w/out a region clue so I won’t drop it for now. I think just knowing it’s not in the U.S. is a region clue in itself…]

Clue Name : “Asian Writing”
Submitted by: Scavengeroogle Admin
Status : Solved (11)
Duration: Mon 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Chris R, Ken S, Andy K, Judy B, Mike Z, Justin, Shawn D, Trecherus, Josh W, Jeremy R, Adam M

Word Clues : “Fragrant Harbour”
Magnification Needed: 15/18

SOLUTION TO “Asian Writing”

6/3/05 | 9:00 am | See Tea Sea

click to search using Google MapsIt’s Friday. Truly, TGIF… Anyhow, Steve M. sent in this really cool large writing find (nearly a month ago, egad) and I had been wanting to use it for a long time because as far as I know it hasn’t been found yet on the other google sightseeing sites. I could be wrong… and don’t you go looking in case I am! You’ll spoil your own “fun”. =)

Well, I didn’t use it until now because I was stumped as to what kind of clue to give, not to mention what exactly is it? It is 3 enormous letters spelling out “CTC”, hence the name of the clue (By the way… no, it does not have anything to do with the Boston Tea Party). It has a maple leaf on the top, so I guess that’ll tell you what country it’s in at least. But I still might need to give a region drop. The lettering is a bit faint on the contrast, but otherwise is visible quite far out at 9/15 to 10/15.

I am somewhat at a loss to give a clue. Steve M noted that he had difficulty coming up with a clue and I did too. After some searching on google, I think I know what it refers to now. Emphasize on “think”. After agonizing on a clue for some time, I am just going to give you:

“Colonel Thomas Gage”

I need to finish up some other stuff so I can’t dwell on the clue any longer: whether it’s easy or hard is outta my hands. I have a feeling it may rank a bit on the hard side. As always, expect clues. I have dreams of clue drops sometimes. Clues, clues, clues!

Happy Friday…

[Edit: 10:19 PDT - Region drop time: New Brunswick… and keep in mind that maple leaf. I’ll be out for a few hours so behave yerselves.]

[Edit: 12:02 PDT - A quick hint: don’t go looking in the place where Gage was governor of…]

Clue Name : “See Tea Sea”
Submitted by: Steve M.
Status : Solved (13)
Duration: Fri 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PDT

Solved By: Josh W, Chris R, Jon G, Mike M, Ryan F, Brian G, Katie N, Daniel M, Michael J, Jim M, JoJo, Mike Z, Jason C

Word Clues : “Colonel Thomas Gage”
Magnification Needed: 10/15


4/26/05 | 10:21 am | Giant Spark

click to search using Google Maps

I’ve seen a number of these weird “google defects” when surfing around. I’m not sure if this is some sort of problem with the satellite transmission, google’s stiching algorithm, or an honest to goodness reflection of sunlight. It’s interesting in that it’s in the shape of a cross almost… anyone know what can cause that? This was submitted by Alex P. who was going to give you the super ambiguous word clue of “Canada Suburbs”, but I thought that would probably be a little too hard, so I’ll give you an additional hint of “Longueuil”… rolls right off the tongue, don’t it. Longueuil Tongue. Har…

In any case, I’m not going to post too many of these google defects because chances are, they’ll go away when google gets new satellite maps and then I’ll be left with a bunch of clues that can’t be found! And that would net me a lot of angry emails…

Clue Name : Giant Spark
Submitted by: Alex P.
Status : Solved
First Solved By : Colin P., Jason C., Dan S., Shawn D., Excelsior

Word Clues : “Longueuil”
Magnification Needed: 12/15
Difficulty : 5/10

SOLUTION TO “Giant Spark”