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11/22/05 | 10:27 pm | Solution: Shark Jaws

The combination of the upcoming holiday and my extremely difficult first word hint conspired to make this clue have the least number of solutions as far back as I can remember since I reverted to 1 daily clue per week. The 2nd part of the hint of course is Bridgewater, NJ and it was quite possible to find the Shark Jaws just by figuring out that town.

However, I had decided to add another clue to help things which was supposed to be Six Mile Run - a Marathon divided by 4.3667. But this completely flopped. No one got this part. You lose some and win some I guess.

Solution to “Shark Jaws”

Tim J:

Ten minutes, looking around various “Bridgewaters” till I found Bridgewater, NJ with the perfect color match.


20 minutes…found bridgewater immediately, but was blind then…

Mike M

Took about 3 minutes. I figured out the first part of the clue (6 miles), but didn’t use it. From the color I new it was in NJ and deciphered the Bridgewater part. A little to the north, there it was.


The second part of the clue helps a lot…water after bridge = bridgewater

There are several cities/town in US. Google for bridgewater, nj and some business phone number start with (area code)595-…. Not sure whether this 595 is the answer for the first part of the clue (marathon distance is 26 miles, divided by 4.3667 and you’ll get 5.95)

Based on that I’m sure I got the right city (after 10 minutes)…but it took me forever to find the building =(


This was only my second roogle! I thought about it for ten minutes last night before falling asleep and the funny thing is I was closest to the answer on my first gut instinct. Should’ve listened then. I spent another 30-45 minutes tonight getting “herring”ed by the marathon clue. As soon as I went back to my first guess about bridgewater, I found it pretty quickly. It was like an early Christmas when I found it! Now that you have me hooked, I look forward to the next one.

I tell you what… that joy that you get from finding a tough roogle… that’s gold. And seeing both new and senior rooglers really enjoying the game is what keeps me writing up clues week after week. I’ve been a bit down regarding the site lately.

After our earlier successes with getting written up in Wired magazine and appearing on G4 TV, things have calmed down quite a bit. Site visitors have begun to drop off, and I’ve begun to question whether or not it is worth it. Granted, I never intended any more than a few people to play the game. It was just supposed to be a temporary diversion. The insanity of 3 clues a week due to the increased publicity was pretty insane, which is why I had to drop it to 1 a week.

I have this problem of not being able to write brief posts in general. I just can’t for some reason throw up any old clues left and right. I mean, I think I could change the format to just posting a pic and have people commenting on it if they find it… sort of like the other googlemap sites. But I feel like each clue means a lot, like I have some sort of investment in it. In the short term, Scavengeroogle has done fabulously not only because it was a great idea but because I think a lot of people noticed that I gave a damn about the clues. It’s easier to get emotionally attached to a particular blog when the writing is good and you can see that the person really cares about it. I this know from reading other people’s sites.

But in the long term, it’s very difficult to keep this kind of attention to a site up, especially when your financial situation is not exactly stellar. I guess we will have to see. I am still not 100% sure but it is looking more and more like by the end of this year I may just post clues whenever I have time instead of attempting to do the 1 clue a week thing. Once again, I know this shouldn’t be a big deal since I’m doing this for free, but still I feel bad about that.

I may take a break over a month or so in December to see if I can find some alternate options. In any case, I still do appreciate all the regulars who check into the site once in awhile, and the newcomers who take time out to write nice supportive emails. Ok, I will get off my moping horse right now… I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Solution to “Shark Jaws”

11/17/05 | 11:04 pm | Solution: Crossbones

We started out with quite a few solutions and then slowed down to almost none today. Bernd’s original word hints, by the way were: “Screw you Detroit, we’re no. 1″ which I had originally thought was some sort of Basketball thing (I only know hockey, and yes the Red Wings can suck me). This is what he says about them though:

By the way, my word clue has got nothing to do with sports. I just found out at Google that Camden was the most dangerous city in the U.S. a few years ago, taking the “title” from Detroit … guess i should have added this beforehand :)

which is actually pretty interesting. I had heard that Detroit was dangerous but I didn’t know it was the most dangerous. I always thought that might be my town, L.A.! Anyhow, here’s your solution…

Solution to “Crossbones”


About five minutes.

Mike B:

The clue is the slogan from Campbell’s soup, HQ in Camden, NJ. About 10 minutes, after a detour to Campbell, CA.

Mike H:

I love Google. I had no idea where Cambell Soup company was located, but 2 minutes, I had found the company Web site, mapped it, and backed off to look at street orientations. Finding some streets going the right direction allowed me to zero right in on the target.

BTW: If you’ve never had a brine soaked turkey, consider cooking one. I did the first time I cooked turkey and have done it every since. I love ‘em. HAve a good one.

Oh yeah… I am totally planning on doing the brine soaking thing for my first try. I have done brined roast chickens before with great success, and I know my parents have never done it before so I think they might like it. I taped Alton Brown’s Turkey special so that I can refer to it. I think I might have to go buy a container large enough to brine the turkey though!

Cheese said:

Nice puzzle and clue!

About 30 minutes.

Gave up on NJ after about 10 minutes and not finding. Tried Campbell, CA for awhile but the color was not right. Thought I’d try NJ again - and there it was in all its glory.


The Campbell’s Soup website didn’t make it obvious where their headquarters was, at least not right away. But then there it was: Camden, New Jersey. About 10 minutes.

Tim J:

Went to Campbell’s website, found out their corporate headquarters was in Camden NJ, googlemapped it and saw that the colors matched perfectly, then browsed for five minutes til the pirate flag showed up. Arrgggh, matey.

Richard K

Not too far from the soup company.

Judy B

I’ve been so busy I forgot to see if there was a new clue until this evening. <Note to self - must take vacation soon>. About two minutes. Mmm mmm fun!

Judy you should take a vacation soon. It is not good to put off vacations for so long, believe you me…


Good find.

Easy clue, tho. Took about 45 seconds after a quick trip to the Cambell’s soup site. Thanks as alwayys.

Mark L

About 20 seconds once I found out where Campball’s HQ was (Camden NJ)….. ya shudda went with the sports clue.

Man, both you guys are always speedsters! =) I will try get a more difficult one up the next time… And until next time, this is your friendly neighborhood Scavengeroogle Admin signing off. If I don’t get to talk to you until after the Turkey Days, hope you all have a nice one. I sure hope my turkey turns out because if not I might have to resort to buying a cooked turkey somewhere… either that or make some hamburgers!

Solution to “Crossbones”

11/9/05 | 8:50 pm | Solution: Mercury Space Capsule

We got a good number of answers for this one. More people knew about the Belt Weigh = Belt Way = Capital Belt Way than I had thought. I actually had no idea what that was until I saw it in Google Maps. I think quite a few of you have actually driven on it as well!

Solution to “Mercury Space Capsule”


About five min. I orriginaly googled ‘belt weigh’ to no avail, though i did get to find out about some interesting machinery. On a hunch I googled the phrase ‘belt way’ I was then corrected by google to search for ‘beltway’ and I discovered that there was a section of highway arround DC that is called the beltway. So I started there. I naturaly started at the bottom of the loop (habbit) and moved clockwise untill I stumbled upon the park. Great clue, I’ve been feeling kinda stupid with the last couple, and being that I don’t have as much time as I did in the summer (stupid college don’t they know I need time to roogle?)

Ken S was one who lives in the area:

I got one after a long dry spell. I immediately thought of the DC Beltway, which I drive several times a week. I was suprised to find the shape in a park that I visited a couple years ago. 5 minutes.

Mike B as well, and gives some hint as to what it is:

After living in the DC area for mor than 20 years, I know there is really only one “Beltway”. This is a water park in Fairfax County. Less than 5 minutes.

Mike M lives nearby too:

Living within twenty minutes of DC has its perks. Took about a minute.


5 minutes…

Judy B also says water park:

Got this one is a couple of minutes. Water park maybe?

Jon G puts a name to it:

Only took a few minutes. Immediately thought of the Beltway and Washington, DC. Luckily it was right by the first part of the Beltway that I checked so that I didn’t have to circle around all of DC. Thanks for putting up a clue though, it was fun. I miss the good ol’ days when there was 3 clues per week, but I understand that it took a lot of time on your part. I just wanted to reminisce. Oh yeah, in case anyone is curious, it looks like the space capsule is a wave pool and the green around it is probably some kind of artificial turf, at the Great Waves water park.

Mark L:

Oh man that was too easy…… looks like there is only one “Beltway”….. just did a circular tour of 495 around Washington DC and found it right away…. couple of minutes.


Hopefully I made it, this is the first time I’m able to solve a clue…thank you so much….^_^ It took me about 15 minutes


I googled “Virginia beltway” because I thought I had heard of a beltway in Virginia. I found out about the Capital Beltway that encircles Washington, DC. Sure enough, the clue was right along the Capital Beltway just outside of Alexandria. It took about five minutes.

Tim J got distracted first, exactly what happened to me! There are so many possible roogle clues in the city:

Good clue, it does look exactly like a space capsule. This one took about 10 minutes, but only because there are so many interesting things to see around Washington that I kept getting distracted.

Katie N:

It took me about 2 minutes, and only because I started at the opposite side of the beltway.

Richard K:

Just got on the Belt Way and drove around town.

Dan M:

Literally 4 seconds. By chance I started at 395 and the beltway because Washington
International Teleport, CSPAN, and PBS are customers. See those dishes? Then I just went east. Cool!

Jen S:

About an hour searching around 495

Ok, I gotta jet out early tonight so I’ll see all of you next week!

Solution to “Mercury Space Capsule”

11/2/05 | 10:30 pm | Solution: Lisa Simpson

I thought the word hints were deliciously pun-ny for this clue. Ananth R. wrote up a hum-dinger for this one, though it was decidedly difficult. One of the lowest number of solutions for a multi-day daily clue. He had mentioned that because Romania had only a small section of Hi-Res that once they got the country, they’d pretty much find it. So it needed to be a bit difficult.

The gymnastics part wasn’t a clear giveaway, I mean there’s TONS of gymnasts. The pun was cool though: “No Idea” = “Nadia” and “Come and teach” = “Comaneci”.

[Edit: Shawn D got the solution late but also nabbed Crunchy Magic Bonus Points™ by telling us what it is: “Darn, Got in late on this one. I guess I’ll have to settle for the bonus points. This is indeed a fortress, in fact it’s the Arad fortress. There’s a small, but nice, picture and history here.”]

Solution to “Lisa Simpson”

Jen S. who is a gymnast herself said:

Less than 5 minutes total…I was a gymnast until college, so No idea = Nadia, who’s from Romania. Luckily Romania only has a few patches of hi res images. Liked this one!

Bernd solved it but noted something I was worried about, that the feature might not be unique:

the clue led me to eastern europe immediately, but there are lots of cities with such citadels…

Actually, I am not exactly sure what this is, though I think it could be a fort? Speaking of forts and fortifications, Mike B. said:

Great clue! Spent a lot of time looking for Revolutionary War fortifications (”Come and” -> “command”, “gym”->”James”, etc) then gave up for the night. Next morning with a clearer head it was obvious (sort of) “No Idea” = “Nadia”, “Come and teach” -> “Comaneci” + gymnastics. Only a small amount of HiRes images in Romania to look through. About an hour total.

Vic Waggoner came up with the right answer as well:

Nadia Comaneci! Great clue.

Mark L got it pretty quickly. I agree it was pretty obscure:

Clue was VERY obscure…… sounded like Romaina to me (if someone was going to go somewhere and teach gymnastics). Just did a sweep of the high res …. about 10 minutes.

Judy B went to the beach:

I was totally lost and then it hit me like a load of wet sand. That might possibly be one of THE worst puns I’ve ever encountered. Much more humorous now that I solved it though!

That pun was certainly delicious. I really like puns it seems. Especially when I can get other people to make them up instead of me. =)

And Mike H perservered after quite awhile. I don’t know how you all have so much patience; I think I would just about scream after just 10 minutes:

FINALLY! 1 hour (over 2 days) I kept searching Eastern Romaina, near Onesti (with a long detour through Norman Oklahoma that I knew was flawed from the start). Once I backed off and looked for Hi-Res areas of Romania, I zoomed right in on the fort.

Hm… so it’s a fort? I had thought so but wasn’t sure.

Man, I have been getting zilch sleep lately. Two weekends ago, I was playing some friendly pickup hockey when I got checked in the ribs on accident. I got the wind knocked out and thought that was it, but then three days later my ribs really started to hurt. At first I thought I hairline fractured one of them or something, but now I think that I just strained some of the ligaments or something. Nevertheless, it is hell of hard to find a suitable position to sleep!

See you next week…

Solution to “Lisa Simpson”

10/27/05 | 12:53 am | Solution: Bullseye Triangle

Oops, I got caught up playing Dungeon Siege 2, so I forgot to post up the solution. I gotta go to sleep so I’ll just list the comments. An easy one… and many people also found “dopplegangers” of the original bullseye which is some sort of military targeting thingy. Ok, see you next week!

Solution to “Bullseye Triangle”


I’d seen it before. Got there without solving the clue.


easy one…10 minutes…

Pete B:

easy to find, it’s on :)

Shawn D:

Pretty easy. About 5 minutes. Welcome back.

Mark L wrote:

That was a “direct hit” for me, but I saw it before. I knew it was in NV, north of Vegas. About 5 min to find it again.

Jon G:

Took me roughly 10 min. A google search led me to the desert north of Vegas, and after searching a few high-res desert areas, I found it. It was fun to roogle again though, I’m so glad you’re back!

Vic Waggoner:

Bombing target.

Judy B

I had actually gotten sidetracked and was just looking around at a bunch of other weird stuff in the desert and found it. So, probably a couple of hours, but I was goofing off at the same time.

Richard K:

I found two. The second one is here

Tim J:

I’d seen this one before, knew right where it was.

Jason C:

Took about 20 mins off and on. Found 2 others that were close but not exactly right.

Mortified_Penguin wrote:

Yeah, Scavengeroogles back! Found Las Vegas in under two minutes after quick google search on the easy word clue. Took me about twenty minutes the find it on the map. Much higher and to the left than I originally thought.

Astro Tumbler:

It took me far, far too long. I figured out corn creek really easily, but passed over this soooo many times. Eventually I googled for “google maps triangle circle” which lead me to the museum of hoaxes, which had a whole discussion about this thing.

Gah!! There’s another one! I just noticed that the first one I found had a different background.


It took me almost an hour… I don’t think that’s to bad for my first time…. at least I hope not… jeje


Figured out where it was real quick, but finding it on the map was another story all together. Took me about 20 minutes.

Katie N:

This took me about 10 minutes. It only took a second to figure out the general area, but it took some searching to find it.

Thanks for posting clues when you have the time. It’s a nice break from grad school!

Hey Katie, glad to hear you’re playing at grad school. If they had this when I was in grad school, maybe I wouldn’t have flunked out! =)

Solution to “Bullseye Triangle”

10/12/05 | 10:08 pm | Solution: Backwards S

So this was pretty easy to find for so many. Dan M’s original hints had a double music clue in them:

This building is called River City. As far as a clue, how about “We Got Trouble in my Sweet Home.” Yep, sweet home will draw a bunch to Alabama until they remember the Blues Brothers doing “Sweet Home Chicago.” “We Got Trouble” will spit out River City
pretty quickly and, added to Alabama, they’ll be searching Decatur, AL for a minute or two till they see that most of it is in lo-res. They’re going to have to make the Chicago connection or hunt a lot to find which River City.

I thought having two parts of the clue related to music might be too difficult… I mean I knew NEITHER of those 2 clues myself. So I decided to keep “We Got Trouble” and then add a reference to Chicago. Which was extremely difficult, mainly because I know nothing about Chicago. (By the way, for anyone sending hints in for clues from Chicago, don’t send in “City Of Big Shoulders”… I think there have been about 5-6 people who have already tried sending that in.)

So I ended up going with the O’Leary reference from the Great Chicago Fire. There was this entire show on Discovery Channel(?) some time ago that tried to prove how the fire really started actually… I think they even did a re-enactment of it.

Solution to “Backwards S”

And now: some commentary from Rooglers, all having to do with fire:

Cheese melted in flames:

The Cheese stands alone. About 45 seconds - really.

Indeed… indeed.

Heather G blazed:

Took me no time at all. Literally seconds. I am a history dork, so I immediately thought of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow and the great Chicago fire. Went to Chicago, saw the river on the left, and followed the right bank until I saw the backwards S. Very obscure though!

Hm… I think they actually talked about whether it was the cow or not in that documentary.

Richard K fired:

Got it in 3 Clicks.

Too fast! Katie N smoldered:

This one took me a couple of minutes. I googled ‘O’Leary’ and found a site about the great Chicago fire. Then I searched the areas of Chicago where the river was in the right orientation.

I was actually going to put “Leary” instead of “O’Leary” just for kicks, but I thought too many people might try Denis Leary. Or Timothy Leary.

Tim J nearly ignited in Iowa:

Hmm, finally stumbled on this while searching Chicago, which I tried because of the “O’Leary” reference. I spent quite awhile in Iowa, however, maybe 30 minutes, because the first part of the clue, “We got trouble”, made me think of “The Music Man” and River City, Iowa. I chalk this one up to pure luck!

Luck is severely underrated. Especially for the peeps who won 90 million dollars at the 7-11 around the corner from my house…

Jason Y scorched:

How Long: About five minutes. I started with George O’Leary, the football coach at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. But Orlando doesn’t have a river, so I went with Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, and Chicago paid off.

Paul H caught on fire:

This one took me approximately 5 mins. I had just finished playing sim city, and i remembered something about a cow starting a fire in chicago. i googled mrs. oleary and got the address of her house and went east a bit and there it was. I believe the building is called river city

Bernd, well he burned:

not too long…. no idea what your hint means, but a google search for “s-shaped buliding” works miracles here :)

Jerry R used tindersticks:

1 minute (easy)

Mike B sizzled for a few seconds:

Way too easy ;-( About 20 seconds. Mrs O’Leary ->famous cow owner->Chicago

Mike M had a quick steam:

Took about a minute. After a quick google search of O’Leary decided to go to Chicago (the site of the great fire). Same color and the river was flowing straight down, real easy to spot.

That is cool how a lot of people used the color and the river direction.

Shawn D charbroiled the clue:

About 15 minutes. Pretty easy. I think I like them better when they are more convoluted. It’s frustrating at the time, but more gratifying if you get one. I’m not complaining. Just my $.02.

Keep up the good work. Thanks

Thanks for playing as well. I do try to make them harder rather than easier, but once in awhile I slip in an easier one just to make my numbers look better. =)

Jon G incinerated it:

Took me about 5 min. Googled “O’Leary” and one of the first few leads was the Great Chicago Fire. Saw that there was a river next to it which made it pretty easy to find.

Wilmore heated up his love life:

finally someplace I recognize!! I am no longer a virgin!!

Judy B carried a torch:

Got it right away, but didn’t see the new clue posted until this morning so I’m glad it’s a multiple day clue.

Mike H set off sparks quickly:

Fastest clue I’ve ever solved here. About 10 seconds. I guessed O’Leary was Mrs O’Leary’s cow, called up Chicago, switched to Satellite, and saw the Backward S at the first river spot I looked at. This makes up for all those ones I speant hours searching for in vain.

Mark L roogles with matches:

Wow…. didn’t even know a clue was up….. that’s what I get for not checking.

Pretty fast…… just did a Wikipedia on O’Leary, which led me to the Chicago Fire.

Citizen put out fumes:

Yeah, about 5 minutes. Got Chicago right away, but never used “We Got Trouble” beyond the idea of the fire. I used the vertical segment of river for reference.

Bryant erupted like a volcano:

Wasn’t it Miss O’Leary who took her lantern to the shed? That’s all I got, and it took me to Chicago. The river was the real give away. “There’ll be a hot time in the ol’ town tonight!”

and David H simply smoked the clue:

Took three or four minutes. After a quick detour looking at the possibility that it was a Music Man reference “Well, ya got trouble right here in River City,” I looked in Chicago and found it by following the water.

DAMN. That was useless. That took about 1 hour to write. I couldn’t think of anymore synonyms for “fire”. Ugh. In general though, you are all too darn smart and quick! I mean it. Well, I guess I will see you Rooglers later next week since I’ll be up in Mammoth. I’m hoping it won’t snow too hard, because I’m going to try get some fishing in. Laters…

Solution to “Backwards S”

10/6/05 | 10:27 pm | Solution: Turquoise Turtle

Heyy roogle kids… sorry I’ve been less than eloquent in the solutions lately. I’ve just been posting up the feedback, formatted but not much commentary. Anyhow, I gotta run again, but here is the solution, and what y’all said. Oh, quickly - many rooglers got Magic Crunchy Bonus Points for telling me what exactly the turtle is: apparently it is Novi Middle School or Deerfield Elementary School… haven’t confirmed exactly which yet. Ok:

Solution to “Turquoise Turtle”

Mike M speeded it up a notch:

Very easy clue, took a couple of minutes to finally find.

Dan M noted multiple herrings:

Of course there is both a Lyon and a Lyons Michigan! Finding Lyons, MI in lo-res immediately threw me off. After hunting every other Lyons (lots and LOTS of them) Oh Mi made me look at Lyons Ohio, near the Oh-Mi border. That led to Detroit (Tigers?) Duh. About 20 minutes!

Shawn D wants to watch the World Series:

About thirty seconds. Easy, if your a baseball fan at all. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Jon G found “Lyons” first … ugh, sorry for that ripe herring:

Took me about 15 min. Immediately found several cities in Ohio and Michigan named Lyons, but no high-res there. Saw a city named Lyon in Michigan, but it looked too grayed out and so I started searching nearby high-res places. Gave up and went back to the grayed-out area near Lyon just for kicks and found it a few minutes later.

Ol briefly:

time take: seconds

Jason Y was in the vicinity:

Two minutes of searching east of South Lyon. It helps to live nearby.

Vic W persisted:

Took about an hour.

Mike B did the Tour de France somewhat:

Great Clue! Lyons (Lions) and Tigers and MI lead to Detroit area. Found Lyons, MI. About 30 minutes with detours through Lyons, KS and Lyons, OH, not to mention Lyon, France;-)

Heather G sang do re mi:

Yay, I found it! For once the clue was easy. “mi” immediately made me think of Michigan…found Lyon, MI right away, near Detroit (the Tigers connection)…Took me me about 5 minutes, and most of that was looking at dreary Michigan scenery to try and spot some turquoise :)

Sara D used the color connection:

prolly about 15 minutes, the washed out colour kinda helped a bit… i think the buildings are Deerfield Elementary School (26500 Wixom Rd, Novi, MI)

Mark L attacked the lyons and tigers:

That one for me was a killer….. Oh for Ohio? Mi for Michigan? Lions and Tigers play in Detroit….. hmmm let’s see, but it’s spelled (spelt?) “Lyons” that must mean something?….. Nope “Lyons” MI was low res…. could it be “Lyons” OH? ….. nope low res again. This was herring soup, chock full of herring bones for me….. finally found it just meandering around the Detroit area. Better part of the day on and off.

Not sure if the link works, but it looks like nothing more than “Novi Middle School”

Tim J totally found the turtle:

I picked up on the MI = Michigan clue, googled Lyon+michigan, that lead to South Lyon, MI. Took about 10 minutes of scanning to find it though, because I scanned straight across, then down, then finally up to find it. Good one, really does look like a turtle!

And Justin was playing hooky from homework. Right on, bro:

This took about an hour. Some hindrances to my search were:
1. The “Oh Mi” part of the clue led me to believe the clue was on the Ohio-Michigan border.
2. The town of Lyons, OH is on the border of Ohio and Michigan.
3. There is a town called Lyons in Michigan.
4. It took me too long to use the “Tigers” part of the clue to search the Detroit area. Sure enough, there was Lyon, MI. I might have given up on this a long time ago, but I had homework that I wanted to put off.

Dang, it’s video game time!! See ya next week…

Solution to “Turquoise Turtle”

9/28/05 | 9:42 pm | Solution: PSP Pool

I’m in a bit o’ rush so without further ado, here is the solution to PSP Pool:

Solution to “PSP Pool”

And yer write-ins.

Chorbansi was first:

Took me less than a minute. I immediately thought of Astoria, New York, and there it was in all its iridescent glory. It is good to be back, thanks.

Ananth R notes:

Time to solve: about 30 sec.

“A story A”bout Greece = Astoria, NY, Greek neighborhood of Queens.

Some Judy B quickness:

Got it right away! Woohoo!

Mike B went to Oregon first:

“A Story About” -> “Astroia”
Astoria, OR had no hi-res images, so off to NY.

Citizen blazed:

30 seconds. I’m not kidding.

Shawn D did go on a quickie Greek adventure:

About two minutes. After a quick Athens trip, I remembered your fondness for puns. I’ve been to Astoria, great food. Got it quick after that.

BTW, it’s Astoria Park pool.

Bernd sez:

10 minutes maybe, wasn’t too hard

Tim J already has a PSP in the house:

Another quick one, just a couple of minutes. Wow, that really does look like my son’s PSP. Good clue!

Jen S got it after some misdirection:

I was all over the place yesterday, then decided today to make A story into Astoria, googled Astoria Greece and got a link to a Greek newspaper in Astoria, NY - only a minute of searching from there!

Aaron B cluemastered:

Took me a little time to find the PSP but then, poof, there it was.

Followed the same line of thought as with the last clue:
A Story About => Astoriabout => Astoria

and then googled that with “Olympic Pool” and there it was.

David H sped along:

Took three or four minutes. I picked up on the Astoria part pretty quickly. Still not sure about the Greece part. Is it because it’s an Olympic sized pool?

and newcomer Chris picked up his first solution send-in:

First time submitting, though I did play a few others after they were closed. I found this in about 30 - 45 minutes, looking first in the wrong place. Greece had olympics in my head, so I looked around Olympic sites for a bit. Then I got Astoria out of it, and knowing there was an Astoria in NY, it took seconds from there. Great game!

Yes, that does it and I am out of here… video game time! =)

Solution to “PSP Pool”

9/21/05 | 8:50 pm | Solution: Beach Swan

Hey there roogle kids, I’m cleaning up a little earlier today because I’ve got such Dungeon Siege 2 action coming up soon, hehe! Yep, got my PC up and running at least somewhat… so it looks like I’m both a Mac and PC person now due to using the Powerbook for the last 3 or so weeks.

So here is the Beach Swan in all its glory:

Solution to “Beach Swan”

Not as many solutions this time, sort of disappointing in fact given that it was two days long. But anyhow David H was first on the board:

Took a minute or two. I’m a New Yorker, so Fire Island was the first thing I thought of. If it hadn’t been there, I would have been in trouble, though.

I had a feeling being from New York area might give a little advantage. Me, I had never heard of “Fire Island” until this clue!

Judy B mixed music and Scavengeroogle to come up with the answer:

Just a couple of minutes. For some reason, I had a stupid song stuck in my head that had something in it about Fire Island so that was the first place I looked. Good to know those annoying songs that won’t go away are good for something!

Tim J got the pun quite quickly:

Two minutes… I love fire = Isle of fire = Fire Island, NY

as did Mike B:

“I Love Fire” = “Isle of Fire” = “Fire Island”. About 10 minutes.

Almost nil herrings for this one… I guess you either got it straight away or didn’t. Justin also knew about Fire Island from living there:

I lived on Long Island, so my first thought was that this clue would be on Fire Island. It took about a minute or two once I searched the island.

Why do they call Fire Island anyhow? Vic W said:

It took a couple of hours. The “Fire” part of the clue was a little too obvious.

Uh? It was too obvious but it still took a couple hours?

Dan M writes:

Once I took a zoomed-out look at the satellite shot I knew I was in the right neighborhood pretty quickly. 3-4 minutes? Ain’t it grand when they just click??

It is certainly damned grand when it clicks like that, or so I’ve heard from regular ‘rooglers. Regular Rooglers, haha.

Eric W went searching for fire but eventually got fire island:

Just about an hour - got sidetracked reading the news. Once I got away from fire and onto Fire Island, it was easy.

Okee doke. Yep, that’s all she wrote for this one! I’m thinking that with everyone heading back to school and work schedules startin’ up again that not as many Rooglers are stopping by. Which is cool… I’ll just keep putting them up. Oh yeah, and Bounties too… I didn’t get a chance this past weekend so hopefully there will be some more up along with prizes coming soon. See you all later.

Solution to “Beach Swan”

9/13/05 | 9:34 pm | Solution: Alien Antenna

The power outage in L.A. wrecked havoc with our daily scavenger hunt clue. I think it was down for approximately 8 hours or so, and then when the site went up again the mail was still down so I couldn’t tell who had submitted solutions! Ugh. Anyhow, so this is a 1.5 day long daily clue because you need to subtract 8 hours or so from it. Other than the downtime, there weren’t too many hiccups except that the word “sego” was spelled “sega” originally.

Solution to “Alien Antenna”

Aaron B was first on the board:

The clue seemed pretty simple to me. The most trouble I had was in locating where the heck the bugger was.

but anyway, one of Joktan’s sons is Ophir and the Sega Lily is the state flower of Utah. Put them together and you get Ophir, UT! Then there is the searching… It was a lot farther west than I thought it would be

~25 minutes or so

Shawn D roogle-netted a herring when trying to figure out the word hints… he went to the Arabian desert, but at least got some learnin’ in:

Good clue, not too tough. After a brief stint in the Arabian desert, I found a Google reference to Ophir (son of Joktan) and Mormon prophecy. Tried Utah, it’s the same basic background color as the Arabian desert! That’s not fair.

Anyways, a little searching near Salt Lake and viola!

About 10 minutes.

Got a Hebrew lesson, a lesson in Morman prophecy and a Yemen geography lesson.

That’s what makes this so fun.


Jon G noted the mispelling of the word sego (interesting that other people frequently misspell this too which is how a lot of people still found it:

Took me about 30 min. A search of Joktan brought me to a wikipedia article of his 13 sons and through these I thought it was in Yemen, even though there is no high-res there. Finally I somehow found out the Sego (with an o, not an a) Lily is the official flower of Utah. After guessing Utah city names of Joktan’s sons, I came across Ophir, Utah. Not too far west of this town I found the Alien Antenna.

The funny-named Cheese roogler decided to play:

Finally got one!

About 45 minutes - nice

Tim J searched for towns named Ophir. Interestingly, when I went on my trip to Colorado, we went offroad on a 4 wheel drive trail that took us up to about 13,000 feet. Coming down from that crazy trail, we passed through a town called Ophir…

Googled Joktan, learned one of his son’s was Ophir, then searched for various towns around the world named Ophir. About 15 minutes total.

Mike B also found it through Ophir:

A little Googling found a family tree of Joktan listing his children, including Ophir. Then found that sega (sic) lily was the Utah state flower. Headed west from Ophir, UT. 10 Minutes.

Heather G persisted and got the roogle solution, congrats!

I finally got one! Thanks for posting a non-bounty!!! Joktan had a lot of sons, so that took awhile…the hardest part was the sega lily…once I figured out that the plant is actually called the SEGO LILY, I was home free. Took about an hour total.

Mark L had a similar near-herring experience in another country. That’s one reason I decided to drop “U.S.” as a region early on…

That one took me on a wild goose chase! When I saw how many sons Joktan had (10) I just looked around Saudia Arabia….. from the background I thought this could even be in a low res area. The misspelled word got me….. as soon as I put “sego lilies” in, it took me right to Utah….. started looking through the sons names at that point for a city name (Ophir).

Jordan got it soon after the Roogle network came back up online:

This one was prety fun, took me about 15 min. I tried to get on the site this afternoon and it was down, and so I figure I got caught by the blackout.

Bernd roogled elsewhere before getting the solution:

after the USA hint maybe 15 minutes….was searching in Israel and Saudi Arabia before

Judy B notes the difficulties of roogling in and around the work hours. One more reason I’ve considered doing daily clues as 2 day affairs:

Started early, but then my stupid boss made me do some stupid work (hate that) and when I came back the site was down. Started again this morning and got it in a couple of minutes. Of course by then, there were extra clues.

Vic W didn’t need Joktan to solve the clue. He also notes that it may be part of Dugway:

It took me one minute to solve. I don’t understand the “Joktan” reference but “Sego Lilies” cause me to immediately think of Utah. The background looked like desert so I zoomed into the area south of the Great Salt Lake and west of the mountains. There it was. It appears to be some Dugway Proving Ground facility.

Katie N was another 2nd day-er who got the solution quickly:

I’m glad you kept this one up today. I saw it yesterday morning, but I was busy and thought I would have time to solve it in the afternoon. I kept checking back and no scavengeroogle - how sad! But luckily you left the clue up and it only took me a few minutes to find ophir, ut

Luke P was also fast on the draw:

Took about 10 minutes. Looking up Joktan on Wikipedia gave me a list of his children, and looking up Sego Lillies said they are a flower primarily in Utah. I put in the childrens names with the word utah in google till I found Ophir was a town. After that, it was about 5 minutes of searching till I found it. Good clue! Lots of fun.

While hunting for the antenna, Sara D also found a copper mine or two. That thing is enormous…

Good clue! Found the area in less than 2 minutes but then took a while to locate the actual spot… anyone notice the Bingham Canyon copper mine just NE of Ophir? Apparently it is the largest man made excavation on the planet! Very cool… to geo-geeks anyway =)

Oh boy. I am worn out from this clue… not so much from Roogle as you will, but from all this nasty power outage downtime. Whew. Anyhow, I hope to put maybe 1 or 2 more bounties up in the next couple of days or over the weekend. I might get a daily in on Friday or so, but don’t count on that. How’s school going for you college kids? Is it exciting and new? I hope it is…

Solution to “Alien Antenna”

8/31/05 | 10:32 pm | Solution: Green Pacman

Whew, this was one of the toughest clues we’ve ever had, no thanks to yours truly messing with word hints that shouldn’t have been messed with! For those that had a hard time with this one, apologies and please check out the following:

Solution to “Green Pacman”

Jordan’s original clues for the green pacman, which he called “Partial Circle” were the following:

‘A Circle near a Square’
‘Green park in the evergreen [state]’
‘A nice view of the local bell’

Now, I figured that either of the first two hints alone wouldn’t be enough, but that the last one might be too easy if combined with others. Looking back on it now, the 3rd clue might have been good as is, if “evergreen” could have been worked in there.

As it was, I decided to change them… I saw “Bell” and immediately thought of Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar. Don’t ask me why, I’ve only read that book once and I don’t know much about her poetry. I could have done “taco bell” or “alexander graham bell” or “bell bottoms” but know I went with the one that likely had the most herrings. Once again, I have to laugh like hell.

Anyhow, despite the toughness there were several solutions submitted. I did realize that even if you got Bell Jar, you’d be left with ‘Bell Jar View’, so I was going to put “No Jar” into the clue but I just decided not to. Anyhow, Tim J got on the board first.

After reading a bit about Sylvia Plath, I finally put it all together. Good clue.

Mike B deduced the solution in exactly the manner I had hoped:

“Sylvia Plath” -> Bell Jar + view -> Bellevue
Evergreen state -> Washington
About 10 minutes

Justin roogled his way to the answer… I was hoping indeed that at least some people might get Washington State out of “evergreen”:

Washington is the Evergreen State, and I figured the clue was there (even before the regional clue was posted). It just took awhile to place “The Bell Jar” and “view” together to get Bellevue, WA. Once I put the word clue together, it took under a minute.

Judy B just needed to know that the clue related to Plath’s book:

Well now that I see it it’s easier, but I NEVER would have gotten it (at least not intentionally). I gave up until the second hint. Then I got it right away.

Dunkfu went on a bit of a herring hunt before getting it eventually, without the help of the Bell part of the clue:

I figured out the Seattle part thanks to the clues however I couldn’t figure out what in the world poetry had to do with it other than it’s big in Seattle. I searched everywhere in Seattle but couldn’t find it, finally right before I gave up I searched outside of Seattle and found it in Bellevue which I then realized probably related to Plath’s book The Bell Jar… which I think was a stretch. In any case I would have never got this without the clues.

Matt showed extreme persistence that paid off… an awesome first time roogle attempt:

took me about an hour. First time playing though. Saw you on attack of the show thought i would stop by.

Mike H didn’t take quite as long:

Took 5 minutes after Googling Sylvia and learning about the Bell Jar + view … Bellevue

Aaron B, who I have nicknamed Cluemaster, for his uncanny clue creation abilities (there are about 7-10 Aaron B roogle clues in the queue), went for extra innings and got the answer after innumerable herrings:


I saw the clue last night and failed. Worked on it most of today and failed and then stuff clicked. I mean literally. I took your two clues and were thinking about them. You cut out “Bell” so I figured that must be part of the name and was thinking “View Bell,” “Bell view,” “Bellevue!!!” “IT’S IN BELLEVUE!”

At which point I ran to the nearest computer lab and here I am.

I don’t WANT to get into the number of red herrings I explored. but, I do know Sylvia Plath’s life story pretty well now. I even read some poems searching for ideas…

That’s awesome that this clue caused people to actually read poetry, heh! Dan M is also probably still feeling poetic after this clue:

After the “nice view of the local bell” and the region drop it took about 5 minutes. However, I’m still scratching my head about the evergreen! I was looking at lists and reading Plath poems that included anything about firs, pines, woods, winter…try this.

My garsh… I had no idea there were so many poems of hers that might relate to “evergreen”. Herringapalooza!

Mark L showed that interesting phenomena that we’ve had in clues before where it’s possible sometimes to find it with hardly any hints at all. This always trips me out; this seems to be some sort of Zen Roogling as Moose has noted before:

I have no idea what the clues were leading to….. I got it only from the region drop. She had ties to Boston and England….. evergreen? bell? There’s a Bell harbor Washington I guess that it’s refering to her poem “The Bell Jar”? Evergreen trees? I dunno….. how some people got it early is beyond me….. I’m sure it will become clear.

Astro T got the answer… even with all the word clues and location it’s still impressive for all you solvers:

About 15 mins - but I had the advantage of coming in late, so I got both word clues and the location clue. Otherwise I might have been stuck in Boston for a while…

And Jesse P got a bit of a freebee… I was wondering if there might be anyone who lived in the area:

I knew it the second i saw it, because i live in Bellevue Washington! haha :)

I am watching Alton Brown right now while I type this and the show is all about Cheese. This is making me a bit hungry so I think I might go get a early night snack. Tune in for another herring filled scavengeroogle session very soon. If I don’t talk to you until next week, then have a great Labor Day weekend…

Solution to “Green Pacman”

8/26/05 | 10:55 pm | Solution: Butterfly Building

Hello there, this is your friendly neighborhood scavengeroogle solution here. This clue wasn’t too bad… my worst fears were that “desert” wasn’t enough information to get Arizona out of the hints. It didn’t turn out that way. Lots of new faces.

Hey, BTW I am going to start posting the link to the solution on google maps BOTH at the top and bottom of this solution page because some people don’t scroll down all the way to see it. Here you go:

Solution to “Butterfly Building”

Oh yes, and before we begin: for those new rooglers sending in submissions and solutions to clues. Make sure to grab the URL of the correct google maps page
as discussed in the FAQ. There is no automatic API in the Scavengeroogle site that will submit the google you are looking at (many people seem to think this, judging by the submissions i get).

Anyhows here is some selected quotes from what y’all had to say about the Butterfly Buildings:

Jordan: was first in:

Time: about 10 min. the clue was a good hint! Gilbert, AZ

Pete B used part of the visual clue to help out, the roads and the color. This seems to be a really good way to nail down a clue:

Took about 10 mins, nice easy clue, first place I though of for desert was Arizona, and I knew the desert in that area was the same colour. Just looked for the road on the left (curvy roads are a rarity in the states it seems).

Jerry R got herringed by Ed Sullivan first before finding it:

Took me about 6 minutes. The first thing I looked up was Ed Sullivan’s sidekick [Topo Gigio (the Italian mouse)], I figured that wouldn’d work; so, I thought of Gilbert and Sullivan…., did a google on Gilbert AZ and found it right away. The building is at the end of Civic Center Dr. in Gilbert AZ.

David H blew a few more herrings out of the sky:

Took about five minutes. I can think of two Sullivans, “Sullivan’s Travels,” the Preston Sturges film and “Gilbert and…” The second one seemed more likely. A quick search, on Mapquest actually, for a town named Gilbert and I was there.

Kyle L found out what I did the first time I did a “re-find”. Gilbert isn’t that big which means that once you know you’re looking for Gilbert you won’t be long for finding it:

Note that this was my first time ever playing. I must have been on the other side of phoenix before I realized that gilbert is rather small, and I had to have already seen it. I went back to gilbert, zoomed in on the word gilbert, switched to satellite, and, lo and behold, there it was!

Ryan F was quite quick on the draw:

Easy one this morning - only took a minute, since I guessed Arizona as the desert state first.

Senior Roogler Judy B was fast as usual:

Went off on a sultan tangent for a bit, but reread the clue and found it in another two minutes. Tricky!

As was Shawn D who is back in roogleland:

Finally I have time for Roogle again. Easy one here. If you remember your high school musicals.

Amy M showed rooglenewbies don’t necessary need long times to solve the clues:

Not sure that I’m submitting correctly… it’s my first time! But it took me about 10 minutes to solve this one - good clue. Thanks!

Bernd, however, took a bit longer:

probably an hour…couldn’t get the sullivan thing first….

But I am still amazed how good everyone is at solving these. As I always say, if it were me in your shoes I’d never find the solutions! Mike M is another quick roogler:

Took 1 minute total. Pretty easy…Gilbert & Sullivan + Gilbert, AZ = answer right in the middle of the town.

The Beamer used google smarts and roogle smarts:

Took aboot 5 minutes. I just googled “and Sullivan,” since I couldn’t think of any famous duos off the top of my head. Since everything came up as Gilbert and Sullivan, I knew I was looking for the town of Gilbert.

A quick search of Gilbert and “desert” led me to AZ. Unfortunately, everything looks the same in that city, so the building(s) took a few minutes to spot. Awesome clue.

Sara D pounded the pavement a bit before getting it:

Nice one, googled the word clue and saw Gilbert & Sullivan, then googled Gilbert + desert and hit on Gilbert, AZ… got lost in the mad urban sprawl there for a little while, then i finally saw it… maybe about 30 mins all in all…

I think Mark L needed coffee like I sure did:

Under a minute once I figured out Gilbert…… about 40 minutes to figure out Gilbert…… brain dead today.

Moose, one of the Zen Rooglers, who goes away for weeks and then comes back to write me near novels in his solutions, has the following to say:

Hello again all you ‘Rooglers! I’ve missed everybody. I’ve not been able to sit down to do a clue for a while with school starting back up and moving into a new apartment, but it’s great to be back!

I don’t know if this one today was supposed to be this easy, just to ease me back in to the game, but I solved it in about 45 seconds. I googled “sullivan’s pal,” noticed something about gilbert so I googled “gilbert.” The very first link on google is a link to the map of Gilbert, AZ. Very first thing I noticed on the screen was our little butterfly. May be my quickest solution yet. The ZenRoogler Moose has returned! I’m excited about all the new clues you’ve got for us!

Eric W took a little longer. Hey, don’t even worry about taking a long time, it’s “just for grins”. The important thing is you solved it!

Time: At least an hour. I got the clue right away, and was looking all over Gilbert, AZ forever until I found that river??, and followed that. Looking back now, I can’t figure out how I missed it right away! Hope to do better next time as this was my first.

And Katie N has narrowly escaped some serious bad weather by moving to Michigan. Also solved this pretty quickly:

This only took me a few seconds. I didn’t immediately think of Gilbert, but when I googled ’sullivan’ it popped up.

It’s good to be playing again. I just moved to Michigan from Florida, so I’ve been quite busy lately. Hopefully I’ll have time to play from now on.

Whew!! I haven’t had to wade through this many solutions, submissions, and random email chatter for quite a long time. It’s all good though. Tune in next week for another fun filled day of Scavengeroogle! Oh, and yes I will try get the darned bounties going again…

Solution to “Butterfly Building”