Scavengeroogle: A Google Maps Scavenger Hunt To Waste More Of Your Time On

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About Scavengeroogle
    Scavengeroogle is a scavenger hunt game where you use Google maps to find the location of a particular graphical clue. (see us in Wired Magazine)


What is Scavengeroogle?

Scavengeroogle is a type of scavenger hunt using Google™ Maps. Given a “picture” clue, which is a small, usually interesting feature of a map, and some “word” hints you try to locate the feature using Google’s map program. We were the first site to attempt to make a game out of using Google Maps to find a particular feature clue, and were profiled in Wired Magazine.

How do I play?

It’s a scavenger hunt. Simply take a look at the clues, launch Google™ Maps and try to locate the feature. Depending on the difficulty of the clue and hints and your luck, it might take you hours to find it or you might find it right away. If you are one of the first persons to solve the clue, you can submit the solution to get your name and info next to the clue.

This is hard!

Well, it can be difficult. One important tip is that you WILL need to switch back and forth between “Satellite” and “Normal” views, or use “Hybrid” mode so you can get your bearings. Also, you will need to use the zoom tool quite frequently to re-orient yourself. Lastly, if you are zooming in on a particular feature make sure to double click on the feature to auto-center the map. That way when you zoom in, it will center on that particular feature. (Note: If you start feeling sick or dizzy from all the zooming and panning, as I often do, take a break!)

How do I “solve a clue”?

You can use the form for Solving a Clue to send in your solution. Please note that I won’t put your name up next to the clue if we’ve already gotten the required number of people who submitted the correct solution. the duration of the scavengeroogle session for that particular clue has elapsed. A session is normally 5 hours one day long.

How do I grab the correct Google Maps Link?

In Google Maps, under “Map - Satellite”and next to “Print - Email” you will see a “Link to this Page”. Right click on that and “Copy Link Location”. Paste it in, and you’re done. Please, please, please use this method to grab the link! If you simply copy what’s in the Location Bar of your browser it will most likely not give the correct map! This is especially important if you are submitting a clue of your own to me… I won’t be able to tell what it is, and since I’m not a mind reader it will just make me ignore your submission.

Does it cost anything to play?

No. Well… it costs you your time where you could be doing other things!

Can I still hunt for a clue that has been already “solved”?

Sure, go for it.

What are “Bounties”?

Bounties are more difficult Scavengeroogle clues that are OPEN until they are solved. Some may have NO word hints at all. There is no time limit on a bounty. A Scavengeroogle Bounty remains “Open” until it is found at which time it becomes “Collected”. There is usually some sort of “reward” for the person who solves it first. You can usually find “Open Bounties” listed in the right hand column.

What’s this “Solutions Pending” business?

There are 3 possible states for a clue. “Unsolved” means that no one has yet submitted a correct solution to a clue. Please note this can ALSO mean that I haven’t gotten to check my email yet! “Solutions Pending (2)” means that 2 people have submitted a correct solution. As of right now, I post the names of the FIRST FIVE people any person who send a correct solution in during the clue’s “Session”. However, to be fair I don’t want to post the link to the correct solution until the session is done, which is why you will see “Solutions Pending”.

“Solved” means exactly that… the duration for the clue has expired, and you will find a link to the correct solution at the end of the post.

What is “Magnification Required”?

Please note as far as I know, I’m the first to actually refer to the magnification slider as (X/15) (X/18) where X is a number from 1 to 15 18… the amount that a map is zoomed in. So if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “Magnification Required” it’s probably because we made that term it up. Read on:

If you use Google&Trade; Maps, you’ll notice that there is a vertical “zooming” slider toolbar inset on the left hand side of the page. There are 15 18 “notches” (I don’t believe you can zoom in finer intervals than that). The “Magnification Required” of a Clue is the amount of notches you need to zoom in in order to be able to spot the clue. This is helpful in order to know how far you need to zoom in before wandering around to look for the Clue. A Magnification of 15/15 18/18 is zoomed in all the way, with the slider set all the way at the top, while 1/15 1/18 is zoomed out all the way, with the slider at the bottom.

How is “Difficulty” determined?

The “Difficulty” rating has been removed as of 04/29/05 … it was just too difficult to gauge how hard a particluar Clue is to find. It was too subjective to actually be of any use.

I saw the same picture clue somewhere else already so I know the answer!

Yeah. It’s difficult to come up with original clues and depending on where you live you might be able to solve the clue without even using a Google map. That’s life. Move on to the next clue. I guarantee you won’t automatically know the answer to ALL the clues.

Can I submit a clue of my own?

Yes, and use this submission form to do it. Please note I can’t put every single clue up on the site but I will certainly consider it and credit you if it goes up.

I see people calling the game ‘Roogle and the players ‘rooglers, is that cool?

Yes, it is cool. There is some question who started using it, but it was most likely Mike M. who used that quick abbreviation when sending clues to co-workers. As he says, it is a hell of a lot easier and faster to say than Scavengeroogle!

The “solution” URL does not show the picture clue at all!

I think in the future Google might from time to time replaces their maps with newer data, especially the satellite ones. Since this is the case, I’m predicting that if the picture clue was caused by some temporary visual feature then you may not be able to find it anymore, at least at the live URL. This will especially be the case if the Scavengeroogle clue is from a long time ago. The bottom line: I can’t guarantee that any clues are going to be accurate so if you’re having a hard time with a clue it could be that it just doesn’t exist anymore in Google’s current maps!